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Entry #115


2011-01-20 11:55:07 by TomFulp

There are a growing number of accounts that frequently submit games... I won't call them shitty games but they are cookie cutter games that appear to just keep rolling off an assembly line. The creators are either opportunists who employ third world labor, or developers who are swapping out some graphics and exerting minimal effort to submit as many games as possible.

Now, we've always been pretty lax about SPAM and we let you guys attempt to BLAM or PROTECT it... A lot of these games manage to make it through with reasonable scores in the 2.5-3.0 range and I guess some people are enjoying them. Many of them are somewhat decent, they just happen to be re-used over and over with new themes.

Do you think games like this should just continue to exist and pile up on NG? Or should we some day face a COOKIE CUTTER GAME APOCALYPSE where they all get mass-blammed?

I also am weary of the growing trend of games where you don't know who really made it. We don't allow you to submit a "stolen" game that someone else made, but we do let companies submit games that were produced by their staff, or developers they sponsored. Stuff like this likely won't be deleted, but as the amount of submissions on NG grows, I will continue to tighten the focus on games that were made by recognizable individuals. So keep that in mind when it comes to assigning credits.



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2011-06-03 20:42:25

The apocalypse is the best idea.


2011-05-02 11:30:45

all this shit needs to be nuked. that said, if people weren't such stat whores, they'd be nuked in the first place. that said, if said stat whores were all voting to blam them already, their stat whore nature would still get points, only blams, not saves.


2011-05-01 05:05:04

You just gotta love how everyone's voting for the apocalypse only because it sounds cool.


2011-04-09 13:26:54

I is mad.
Seriously, there has been a massive influx of dress-up games and other cookie cutter games, especially by the users 123peppy, games2dress and others, including the infamous Doli-doli stuff that allpremiumgames and sometimes other users submit.

I, for when I first saw that stuff, I blammed it, when I realized after a while that I didn't get a blam [point] even though I did, and there I was, being trolled by that flash, with a score of 2.86!

Now, I just vote 2 for the judgement stage and zero later on, for the save point, but I don't see why newgrounds should be a stage for cookie cutter games. It, overall brings down the quality of games online and lowers NG's e-rep and the users "123peppy" "games2dress" (oh god how I hate that one) and "dressupgames77" should either be deleted, or they should be prevented from making dress up games - just because the dressup games provide a relatively huge rev share (considering when you've got around two hundred and ninety dressup games on one account) as well as the website individual revenue, it doesn't mean that programmers have it easy -- they just swap palettes, sometimes with the aid of artists, mix, and then put up a half-baked attempt and call it a dressup game.

Some are particulary irking -- they have shitloads of advertisements just on the loading screen. And, if that was not enough, the logo always manages to make me angry in some sort of way that makes me want to destroy that user (i'm looking at you, dressupgames77) with a....whatever.

Still, I wish that the Blam club were around, they'd know how to deal with this kind of stuff - it would definitely remove the amount of "games for girls" on Newgrounds. Games for girls? Hah! That's a laugh! For starters, there are no girls on the internet, no chance of argument. Second of all, Newgrounds is mostly a majority of people above 13 or so (give or take 1) years old, which mean that at that age, they should've outgrown it.

Enough is enough. I call apocalypse. We, the users of newgrounds, have tolerated this bare crap for long enough, and will no longer tolerate substance which is not worthy of the break of dawn. For one, I'll start voting 0 on any and every, empahasis on any, dressup game there is, and I will spam the hell out of their accounts, and try to make their life on NG miserable.
Who's with me?


2011-04-09 08:39:24

I believe that it's just people uploading these to get free publicity for their sites. They reap rewards from advertising on their sites, because people click through from here, so I say pull the plug.


2011-04-04 20:26:52

Well as much as I understand the problem, you should be careful with deleting peoples uploads. I mean so far you don't go and deleted spam that gets saved, so why should you delete "generic games" that make it through then? Shouldn't spam be the first in line IF anything gets deleted at all?

I don't like the idea of mass deleting games just because they are "unoriginal" to many users. That's like scratching on the keystones of Newgrounds.

I'm with PsychoGoldfish, if they pass judgement they pass judgement.


2011-04-01 21:12:25

I think you need to get rid of the majority of them but leave some so we keep that genre of games alive because you are right and some people do enjoy that crap.


2011-03-31 21:45:12

I agree with the need to get rid of the cookie-cutter games, but such measures will only work if the criteria for making it through the portal are raised as well. While there was a time when 1.6 was a reasonable score for having submissions pass judgment, with the disappearance of the mass blammers and the huge amount of people who randomly vote 5 on everything for the easy saves, the pendulum has swung back the other way.

In addition to getting rid of all the cookie cutter games and tutorial games, I'd recommend raising the judgment threshold to 2.0. That would bring it high enough that the shit doesn't pass, while keeping it low enough that the odds of the blam-kiddies returning should be satisfyingly low.

That's my two cents anyway.


2011-03-31 14:29:40

Well the thing is Tom, there isn't an equal number of users blamming as there is spamming.

You'd need to really get the decent community into blamming in order to have some sort of continual success. But these subjective matters are not that easy to assess.

I have no problem with things getting through but not being so good. But I don't like it when really bad stuff gets onto the front page! Like stuff that doesn't "seem" to have had much effort put into it.


2011-03-13 23:04:58

Apocalypse like, anything below a 2.00, that seems fair.


2011-03-07 16:22:16

I like some of the games, but i havent been on NG very long so its hard for me to determine what is stolen or just a cheesy rip off. I usually go to the flash portal for movies and shorts not games so much. Maybe if there were a another option besides blamming it, or whistle blowing people would probabbly do it. Its hard to report a stolen game if u dont know for sure who made the original. But i say blam it for now... if it sucks.


2011-03-03 12:08:09

apocolypse? apocolypses are cool...

and visit my account plz :3


2011-02-27 11:39:45

I think a "Clean the Portal Day" might work, giving people another chance to blam things like this, or spam, or just crap that made it because it's creator had lots of voting power, or whatever. If a game/movie has a score below 1, should we really let it take up rom on the NewGrounds servers?


2011-02-27 06:55:40

I've got to say, I'm not a big fan of "cookie cutter" games. They're all the same. I say keep the best ones and mass-blam the rest.


2011-02-23 02:09:03

apocalypse. i hate those stupid cookie cutter games...


2011-02-20 01:12:18

in the first sentence of the last paragraph you used the wrong weary. it should have been spelled wary instead of weary. weary=tired. wary= on gaurd or aware of your suroundings.

P.S. Do the mass-blam now


2011-02-10 20:35:32

hmmm...well i don't have all the facts, but here are my thoughts:

It's true, many people repetitively release games in order to A. get attention or B. annoy the crap out of legit NG users, but some of them are just teenagers trying to improve at programming or whatever other design skill, unintentionally spamming what they believe to be original games. i know i'm a little like that with animation, and i'd definitely be upset if my work was just deleted off the site in some mass game-pocalypse.

At the same time, i wouldn't want valuable space to be taken by some jerks who don't really care about the value of Newgrounds. And to continue allowing intentional repetitive publishing would only let the problem grow out of hand

hmm... my vote is for the Cookie Cutter Game Apocalypse.


2011-02-04 23:25:48

I believe the cookie cutter Apocalypse is upon us.


2011-01-31 10:53:21

Shit forgot to say.....



2011-01-31 10:52:27

Tom, TOM PICK ME!!! (yay!)

Erm, Im up for a total blam apocalypse of those shit ass duplicate games because these are the same games that clog up the flash portal week in and week out, They are pretty shafty like.

Anyway yeah man, totally behind you likes!!


2011-01-28 17:55:38

Why do you delete comments and rankings you don't agree with even if they're not offensive or un-constructive? I've found this practice to be pretty insulting.


2011-01-28 13:30:24

tom recruit more mods. You need to get more mods. LISTEN TO ME WE NEED MORE MODS.


2011-01-28 10:02:05

My two cents:

Games that aren't obv stolen should be left to the natural blam/protect trial by fire. If they're remotely enjoyable to some people then they should stick around. Their low scores will keep them pushed down the ranking lists.

Why should they be deleted offhand just because someone else may have made a similar game? Ok, they could just be cookie cutter rip-offs, but what if the programmer built it from scratch and simply came up with a similar finished product? It sets a dangerous precedent that can down the line be interpreted as any game sort of similar to another one can be deleted.

Blam/Protect does a perfectly good job of sorting out absolute shite from barely tolerable and should be left as such.

If the other issue is memory space, then who will be the judge of what is and isn't too similar? Again, it may be neccissary, but will the NewGrounds community be involved? What if Mr Bloggs unknowingly put a lot of effort to make a game that just passes with a 2.X score and his flash gets deleted? Just because out of genuine coincidence it seems a bit too similar to a few other guys movies in the eyes of the axe man.

A mass appocalypse blam should never be taken lightly, especially considering Newgrounds is seen as a bit of a mecca for even the less talented flash artists to try and show case their work. I think this issue is a contentious one which you need to think about, especially the possible precedent and rammifications, but I trust your judgement Tom, as I always have done.


2011-01-28 07:34:27

There needs to be C. C. S. P.
Cookie Cutter Secret Police
patrolling for those bottom-of-the-page-lowest-rated files.


2011-01-27 23:41:30

I really enjoy your site. I think that the main reason people post their submissions on this site is because not many other sites accept flash content. I think that it is unfair big flash companies can submit their "team" made games, because that leaves the single-man projects in the dark, and makes it harder for a good animator to make his art seen, I really think these big companies are using your site as advertisement.


2011-01-27 19:34:57

BLAM those cookies!


2011-01-27 18:31:58

Who is David Fulp Tom, is he your long lost brother searching for love?


2011-01-27 13:42:41

Is it posible to make a uploadlimit for solo projects only.
I mean, how many good stuff could be done by one person within one year anyway.
10 maybe?


2011-01-27 12:36:06

the worst ones are those glam dress up games and the "find the ______" games. it's all made by the same developer and these games are complete crap. i blam them everytime but they just keep making more.


2011-01-27 09:32:39

Like all the 'games2dress' submissions and stuff? Drives me crazy seeing 2 of those a day... Blam em.


2011-01-27 02:33:42

I vote for the apocalypse. For now, maybe it'll just be a temporary solution.
However, would this apocalypse really solve the problem? Even after the mass blamming, I think those cookie cutter games would still come through.
Are we, as regular users, too lenient on allowing such games to pass through the portal?

I do recognize the work put into these games but there is a line between honest, hard work and tweaking one aspect of a game and calling it something new. For example, I've seen two "different" dress up games where the only difference between the two was the background. I mean...I'm sure the backgrounds could be merged into a single game. Just my thought, I think we should be able to blow whistles on those kinds of games.

Anyways, yes I vote for the mass blam of cookie cutter games.
Cheers :)


2011-01-27 00:25:16

I think a mass-blamming would be just ideal and not just for shoddy games but for some of the more spam hard flash submissions that always somehow seem to make it through.


2011-01-26 23:36:23

I would vote for mass blam-icide.


2011-01-26 23:19:21

apocalypse meow


2011-01-26 23:18:55

HellOoOooo Tom Fulp!


2011-01-26 22:20:12

I think Kongregate has a rule saying "you can only submit this game if you're the author", however they don't really adhere to it that strictly. I think adding a disclaimer on the portal submissions page that says "IF YOU ARE THE SPONSOR OF THIS GAME, BUT NOT THE AUTHOR, BE WARNED: WE WON'T FEATURE THIS GAME UNLESS YOU AT LEAST CO-AUTHOR THE ACTUAL AUTHOR", might work. Nobody submits their sponsored games here just to have them buried in the portal.


2011-01-26 19:52:29

Apocalypse Now


2011-01-26 18:43:59

I think i know what you're talking about.

Like really basic games, with some new graphics, made by a faceless, overseas company?

Then, yes. BLAMFEST 2011!


2011-01-26 12:50:30

COOKIE CUTTER GAME APOCALYPSE seems to be best action for the future of newgrounds.


2011-01-26 12:30:52

Apocalypse. Some day they're gonna have too get blammed, because there will be a time when you go to search something and you will have too scroll through a ton of pages. I have too go with apocalypse


2011-01-26 12:26:48

It's about time! I'm getting sick of people submitting the same games over and over again with mochiads splattered around everywhere. Just spells greed out for me.

As long as people aren't using the same engine over and over again, and they actually PROGRAM instead of taking it from some open source sample website, then the games are alright with me. Otherwise, get rid of them all.

Is this kind of thing really necessary? Could the author just have made a "dress up collection" instead of basically submitting the same game over and over again with only graphical changes? /560420 /559661 /559236 /559142


2011-01-26 11:42:07

Mass blam all da way!!!


2011-01-26 10:44:13

I will invent a time machine to stop those people that make stupid games. All in?


2011-01-26 08:10:33


Maybe instead of trying to get rid of the "cookie cutter" games, which for the most part(atleast I hope so) take time and effort, and worry about all the spam flash files that make it on the site. Although the Save/Blam System is nice, all it takes is a group of people to conspire to pass something.

I stopped visiting the portal solely because of these shitty flash movies that would feature jpegs using motion tweens and running on loops. That took no more then 5 minutes to create.

Fix that shit first, then worry about cookie cutter games. I'll play a million versions of the game snake before I ever watch a kitty krew video again(if they are even still around).


2011-01-26 07:49:11

I just want to add that I've played some of 123bee's escape games, there was like one good one they made that almost made it on the Today's best page then the rest were all shit


2011-01-26 07:46:33

It's been happening for probably a year and a half, honestly I'd keep them for now because in the first five minutes they get like 100 views sometimes so there are obviously people out there without accounts clicking on them that enjoy it so you may as well keep it.


2011-01-26 03:41:19

I'm more interested in terrible movies you put on the front page dipshit


2011-01-26 00:36:09

If you're going to release something as a carbon-copy of something else by the same company, have the decency to mark it as spam. These are not games, and usually the first one posted is scarcely a game.

Just goes to show the specific niche newgrounds fills with it's self-regulating of content. Though it causes trouble and headache for everyone, it has yet to be such a problem that apocalypse will ensue. Let the lovers of flash keep it pure (in a sense) and we will never face dress-up game communism.


2011-01-26 00:35:08

They definitely using additional accounts to up-vote this stuff.
Almost all dressupgames gain scores like 3.5 or higher.
Maybe we should ask the KK, CC, and LL for help. They could handle this with there multiple accounts.


2011-01-25 21:33:23