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Powerful vibes coming off this throughout, love it!

ARAMort responds:

And your presence here is like getting Quad Damage!

I do... keep thinking about it...

This is up there as one of my favorite songs of yours, maybe THE favorite! I prefer it without the scream at the end; it's got such a foreboding vibe even without the more obvious horror elements. I suppose the vaporwave elements are things like it slowing down, like around the 3:15 mark in the original? I kinda like that dip... Hard to say which is preferred overall!

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

Aw thanks man! :D That means a lot! I'm surprised you like this one so much. It means a lot you've supposed CURSED SERVER, it started off as Freeki before I changed the name recently. Yes you are correct sir! It is indeed without the vaporwave horror. I wanted to make a nicer version while the title sort of hints at why this is the "nice" version, the normal version.

Originally I was going to make this the original version of the song with the title, as this is how it started when this was the first song I made for the record last year, but then I wanted to build a concept record, some creepypasta horror lore around it. So, to throw people off, I wanted to mess with them in the title, so Freeki is a "cyber ghost" that haunts computers, and it's him basically saying "I'll play nice for now" but the next version of the song, the title alone is sort of creepy, I wanted to troll people with the horror vibes and scream.

If that wasn't enough, the leaked police tape messes with them more explaining the lore a bit more. I'll be talking more about it on The Newgrounds Podcast on Tuesday 8:30 PM, and if you miss that it'll be one of the next episodes declaring my return to the show! :D I'll also be talking about other things and debuting a new Jack Serious skit that's my biggest effort to date.

Last year, when I made this as the first song, I wanted something that was a different approach, something healing, something that would give back to me when I listened to it. Something that would make me happy, not for anyone else. I'm really happy with this record, but I never expected to get 4 of the songs frontpaged, let alone even one, holy moly that's amazing! Thank you so much! You've been very supportive of the project. :)

You're like CURSED SERVER's #1 fan now, aside from another fan of mine haha. Thanks man, I really appreciate it. Oh, on a final note, the Silent Hill 2 game soundtrack inspired the general vibe and tone of this record, the music has been a huge inspiration, among some other game soundtracks. But, I also wanted to put my own spin to some genres, new things I've never done before. What i'd give to see Freeki become a horror icon haha.

I've had a lot of fun making this record, already working on a genre I've never done before for the next record, it's Darkwave, and I love Darkwave music. This is Chillstep, and I love Chillstep. This was just for fun and for myself, but the fact people loved this record more than I expected, and got the support it has, I'm really shocked, and it's a nice bonus, makes me happy haha. Thank you! :)


LLAAPPSSEE responds:

You're breathtaking! Thanks dude! :D


Thriftman responds:

The battle is won

Iā€™d play the hell out of this game!

Still loving everything you've been putting out!

I could let this play all day long in the background while I work.

oddfellowfloyd responds:

Thank you!! I'm always happy to hear when my music inspires, and helps bring people into positive altered states. :)

Great discussion! It made me go dig up my voice recordings from Super Gonad Smasher, lol.

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

Thanks! Haha can you pleeeease post those to newgrounds? My god, I want to hear those outtakes. I beat the game and heard one, I was dying, but I'm so curious to hear the rest of that. That's by far one of my favorite Pixel Day entries in my top 5 of all time.

I love this song so much, I see a whole video game level in my head while I'm listening to it.

KawaiSprite responds:

Awesome! It does sound SNESy, I'd like to do more retro sounding "videogamey" stuff in the future.

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