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Coming back five+ years later to finally write something here. It was one of my favorite songs and videos on the site then and it still is now! This will still be a really cool song and video in another five+ / 20+ / 100+ years.

I ended up enjoying this way too much.

Adorable and feels like he's ready for his own TV show!

siskavard responds:

let's do it

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The timer requirements can feel unforgiving early on but it does force you to up your game and get on the level of what is expected.

The mechanic is really fresh and unique and I feel cool when I'm moving fast through a level!

Yaro11111 responds:

Thanks a lot! That’s exactly what I was going for!

I wasn't sure how to make the beginning experience better. It takes some time to intuitively understand controls, and bruteforcing through early levels is possible. The time limit seemed like the best way to hint at the way it should be played, without making longer explicit tutorial. Maybe adding more basic levels(like 1-1) with progressively faster times would solve it, but then again it might get boring.

This game is making my brain work in strange new ways and I love it. It's nuts that you made this in 48 hours!

Taldius responds:

Thank you very much! Yeah I didn't sleep a lot during this 48h haha ...

Great concept and I especially like the transition animation effect when you shift between modes!

dietzribi responds:

I'm going to print and frame this comment

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Loving the vibe of this, it would be a ton of fun in the right game, too.

endKashika responds:

Thanks Tom, very much appreciated!

Everything you've been making feels fresh and new, I always get pumped when I find a new track of yours in my feed. This one is extra crazy but still amazing and your description sums it up really well.

Waterflame responds:

Thank you :D Glad to hear it! I am trying my best to not fall into any composition comfort zones, there is still endless possibilities to be explored!

Love the vibe of this one, the sounds bring me back to playing Lumines on a PSP in England while we were meeting our European publisher for Alien Hominid... Sound is a powerful thing!

Quarl responds:

I have musics like that. I associate System of a Down with Final Fantasy VII, and the band "!!!" with Runescape. I don't listen to music when I game anymore... soundtracks have gotten too good :C

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I love the way the mouth came out. My favorite pumpkin of 2018 so far!

Shake Shack should be paying us to put this on the front page.

I love you Ivan.

Hi there! In case you didn't know, I created newgrounds. No, it wasn't made by some giant company - just some dumb kid. I also co-founded the Behemoth; we made Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. Icon by JohnnyUtah, banner by FuShark.

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