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This is beautiful, everyone did great! Bazooka Pico is on a another level.

QueenBoo responds:

Thank you Tom! :D glad you enjoyed!

Thank you for sharing the Interface series on NG, this finale is beautiful.

u-m-a-m-i responds:

Cheers Tom :)

I want a floor to ceiling volumetric display that loops the piece at the 40 second mark inside of it, in the middle of a room.

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This is challenging but I love the tenacity of these critters and their will to propagate and advance the species forward. Great single button mechanic!

bokononyossarian responds:

Thank you for the kind words and thank you for playing, Tom!

This is nuts, you come up with some of the greatest original mechanics! Love how the music interacts with the gameplay, too. Side note: I discovered this game via the song in the Audio Portal before discovering it in my feed or the games section!

devdwarf responds:

Thank you Tom! Happy to finally be using your site!

This game is loaded with charm, with lots of witty dialog and characters, along with expansive levels full of fun mechanics. I like the extra touches like crediting the music as each new song plays. What's especially impressive is how well this runs on my old home computer, which struggles to run most modern web games. Great fun all around and has a lot of heart!

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The most epic guitar solo since Jimi Hendrix played The Star Spangled Banner!

TeffyD responds:

Thanks homie

What a wonderful birthday gift! I will now have to listen to this on my birthday every year for the rest of my life.

SomeApe responds:

I love you

This has such a great vibe going, right from the start. Have you thought about making a full song from this?

orbitron408 responds:

imo, It doesn't match a full song, at least that's how I hear it. if I do, it'll have some pretty minor changes. however - if I do, then it'll be good. thanks for the feedback!

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One reason we haven't done something like a Kickstarter for a mobile app is that a mobile app would be a permanent ongoing expense, in both developer maintenance and increased hosting expenses to support an app if it became popular. Supporter revenue doesn't currently cover hosting expenses, so if hosting expenses doubled, I'd have to shut everything down after a few months unless we had a long runway. Maybe it could work if the Kickstarter was for $500k+ but that could still run out pretty quick.

Alternative is to let VCs invest in NG but then we'd be on the path to change in ways people don't like and ultimately sell the company to someone big. The ideal option is for more people to become Supporters, at which point we'd have to decide between putting the surplus into rev share or into developing an app first.

I'd personally prefer to keep improving the mobile web experience and not be at the mercy of Apple and Google app stores but I know people would like a well-done app. It would likely be a much more limited version of NG; while Twitter somehow gets away with adult content in their app, most apps don't get away with it, as adult content is against Apple's terms. The app would need to be heavily policed or it would get removed, as happened to Artstation in the past. We might even do something like dedicated apps for movies, art, music and games, although the game app might not get approved by Apple because they tend to squash things that compete with the app store itself for games.

Sorry for being negative lol, just trying to explain why it hasn't already happened!

GENCER responds:

Ayo thanks so much for the feedback and understanding!

Apologies for the ignorance of the post, is there any way to do a sort of subscriber signal boosting? Maybe like how wikipedia does their annual donation drives. I'm a dedicated user and would love to give back to the community financially, and I'm sure many others feel the same way!

Thanks for the open discussion tho, you're a champ, if there are any ways to figure any of this stuff out while keeping it as in house as possible I'm sure the community would love to be on board.

I do understand the gargantuan task that would take...maybe gauge interest from other users and how far their support is willing to go, even if I'm inexperienced with hosting and networking, 500k seems like a lowball, and I feel like the community if really pressed together would push for more for a dedicated API, that's just my thought tho.

Apple really makin it tough for us huh, lol.

Reminder to everyone: Don't sit like this at the computer!

I love this, excited to see the others!

chromxtic responds:

Thanks for the kind words Tom! It means a lot :]

Hi there! In case you didn't know, I created newgrounds. No, it wasn't made by some giant company - just some dumb kid who now has help. I also co-founded the Behemoth; we made Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. Icon by JohnnyUtah, banner by Pegosho.

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