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PhantomArcade and I are now using an animated gif of this as a form of communication for things we like.

hotbrushcartoons responds:

That's awsome! :D

There is so much about this that is wonderful and the more I think about it, the more I wanted to give some serious critique. I guess you could say I want this to become "more perfect."


1) The dialog is great.

2) Whenever Scoobs says "Raggy" in that voice, that's just 100% comedy gold.

3) The "I've been waiting for your Raggy" shot is pretty perfect visually. Also the merging with Shaggy's legs as the music crescendos.


1) I don't feel like Shaggy's head needed to random things. I feel like the absurdity of the whole situation and the creepy / funny factor sold it and it didn't need the "extra" push of having Shaggy's head do random things.

2) The shots where Scooby had anti-aliased white edges around his art... I wasn't sure if that was intentional silliness or not but if it was intentional, I think it's another aspect that wasn't necessary. Visually I think the whole piece could have remained dark and serious because the theme and dialog are so hilarious.

LeakyBucket responds:

This was actually Minty's first time animating by himself, s he ran into a few problems when he was importing images made in separate programs, such as the anti aliasing and white edges. Wasn't intentional but he couldn't figure out how to fix it really. Thanks for the feedback!

I love the bold colors in this episode and the sound design was on point! The addition of fan art after the patron credits was a great touch, you deserve every fan you get and this is a great model for artists who want to build patrons and fans around original works.

ChutneyGlaze responds:

Thanks Tom! Its always good to hear from you!

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Possibly the most cruel game ever made. I've never loved and hated a concept so much before.

VascoF responds:

Hahaha. Thanks for the comment Tom, glad you loved/hated it! :D

The timer requirements can feel unforgiving early on but it does force you to up your game and get on the level of what is expected.

The mechanic is really fresh and unique and I feel cool when I'm moving fast through a level!

Yaro11111 responds:

Thanks a lot! Thatโ€™s exactly what I was going for!

I wasn't sure how to make the beginning experience better. It takes some time to intuitively understand controls, and bruteforcing through early levels is possible. The time limit seemed like the best way to hint at the way it should be played, without making longer explicit tutorial. Maybe adding more basic levels(like 1-1) with progressively faster times would solve it, but then again it might get boring.

This game is making my brain work in strange new ways and I love it. It's nuts that you made this in 48 hours!

Taldius responds:

Thank you very much! Yeah I didn't sleep a lot during this 48h haha ...

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I'm actually thinking we would keep the term "Scouted" but instead of calling the other list "Un-Scouted", it would be "Undiscovered", since "Un-Scouted" implies to some people that someone had been scouted and they had it taken away. Plus Undiscovered does sound like more exciting potential to find gems. But yeah.. Don't think blamming will be going away any time soon.

Has anyone ever said that littlebox sounds like Tangy Mustard?

GoodL responds:

I think you're the first to make that observation, but now I'll never unhear it.
Thanks for the stars, Tom, much love!

I love listening to this!

GroundsPatrol responds:

Hey! Thank you so much!

I really enjoyed this, gave me all sorts of cool vibes.

CX330 responds:

I'm very glad you enjoyed it, Tom. This is one of my personal favorites.

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Beautiful! Love the clouds, love the lighting, love the lens flare, love the cat! That beach is so peaceful too... I can see myself relaxing in that jeep and enjoying the weather.

Kldpxl responds:

Thank you!

This would have been such a cool GB game, I could see it having really crunchy combat with these sprites. Love how the bus entry was inspired by the teaser trailer!

This came out really cool. BTW you could say @Lochie in your commentary and that will link to his page. I forget if that will work in my review though so I'm about to find out. Update: It works in reviews too.

Luis responds:

i have lost track of all the new features on this website. you need to make a tutorial

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