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Been really enjoying your work so far, both this and Spinny Head Guy! You've got silly ideas with great visuals and animation. Looking forward to whatever you do next!

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DooderDoo responds:

Wow, thanks Tom! That means a lot. I've really been enjoying your website ;)

This is ridiculously good, I can't even imagine how much work went into matching the Cuphead visuals so well!

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64bitsanimation responds:

Next to the occasional crying, we managed and are suuuper happy with the results!

Looks beautiful, I hope you find your funding!

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Nominous responds:

Thanks. You and me both! I need dat money!!

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Great concept and I especially like the transition animation effect when you shift between modes!

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dietzribi responds:

I'm going to print and frame this comment

I love the physics of the web and just flinging yourself around. There's something really zen-like about it all.

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bridgs responds:

Aww thanks Tom <3

Visuals and music are fun and while the super fast and high jump caught me off-guard, I like that too! Maybe the falling could be slower, though? Otherwise it's really hard to avoid landing on spikes and other off-screen hazards.

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teampow1234 responds:

Thanks for the feedback/review!

The high/fast jumping/falling issue noted. :)

When the game was made we weren't sure would it be too high/fast or would it be too easy if the jumping speed/height would be lower.

The spikes in the first level were thought to be a bit tough first challenge too, but we thought there might be tons of people with "golden jumping fingertips" playing the game, so we didn't want to make it too easy from start, but wait for feedback from people playing.

Good to get feedback so we know to tune down the speed to make it more playable :).

+ Good to hear high jump is appreciated :D! I personally like it a lot, because you need to learn to be quite precise when jumping. Our own game killed me many times when I playtested it, so I had to spend some time with it before I got to the right side of my own high jumping.

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Everything you've been making feels fresh and new, I always get pumped when I find a new track of yours in my feed. This one is extra crazy but still amazing and your description sums it up really well.

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Waterflame responds:

Thank you :D Glad to hear it! I am trying my best to not fall into any composition comfort zones, there is still endless possibilities to be explored!

Love the vibe of this one, the sounds bring me back to playing Lumines on a PSP in England while we were meeting our European publisher for Alien Hominid... Sound is a powerful thing!

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Quarl responds:

I have musics like that. I associate System of a Down with Final Fantasy VII, and the band "!!!" with Runescape. I don't listen to music when I game anymore... soundtracks have gotten too good :C

I keep coming back to listen to this song, it's awesome.

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BeastKillerX responds:

im really glad you enjoy it

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Beautiful! Kinda want this as a wall mural.

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Rikert responds:

that'd be cool. Would make for a pretty nice wall sticker

The mechanical hands, the lighting, the colors, it's all great!

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Really is nuts that you did this without 3D modelling / lighting.

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