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Hi there! In case you didn't know, I created newgrounds. No, it wasn't made by some giant company - just some dumb kid who now has help. I also co-founded the Behemoth; we made Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. Icon by JohnnyUtah, banner by Pego

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When I thinked the site was awesome, actually I was wrong... Right now the site is awesome and this goes better and better as well! Good job to all you guys, this site is kickin' ass. I know there are problems at the site for now, but if I find some error (like I was experimented 2 months ago :0) I'll tell you via PM if it isn't a problem for you :)

Know what would be really awesome? Be able to subscribe to the userpages to check the updates. Anyway... good job! Pretty sure it will get all better (the website looks quite slow).

i'm glad the userpages have taken such a drastic change. everything looks amazing. congrats to you an deveryone that took part in the redesign.

Sounds cool, but for god sakes, PLEASE put the voting and movie-viewing back the old way it was. I can't view any games or movies on Opera, and I don't want to use another browser, because frankly, I hate other browsers.

There is a link there to open the submission in a pop-up - check it out!

So only people who submit flash/audio can get there posts on the front page?
Thats a little unfair on the rest of us loyal non-submitters :(

It's already giving access to too many people - the hope is that artists will make important news posts and lots of people will actually see them. Right now it's just sorta getting spammed, but I expected that for the launch. :)

Wow. Absolutly incredible work XD

I love the changes ^-^


Tom, 20-30 years from now, your daily struggle will be more centered around not soiling your underwear while on your AH mobilized wheelchair. If I have done my math correctly, you will then be a billion and twenty-nine years old.

Anywho, I'm certainly liking the user pages setup, and I'm glad there's still a place where I can view what's going on with the infamous Mr. Fulp.


You'll always stay hip, Tom.

Hopefully in more ways than one, seeing as your hip might not be so intact at old ages. ...Incidentally, I'm seriously jealous that your level is Tom Fulp.

You wouldn't believe how many PMs I get every week with people asking my why I don't have the top level icon... So that question will finally be put to rest. :)

A new exciting design is just what I needed to get back into newgrounds and making flash again. Thanks :)


The pm system doesn't seem to be working, so I'll just leave you a comment.

My account, Yutxz, has been hacked into and for the past two months I've tried to login in, but I can't. Your my last hope Tom. The old password was 961199042 and the old email was Yutxzz@gmail.com. Pleaaase help!

Amazing job on the re-design Tom. It's good to see newgrounds with a new look.

I can't begin to imagine the cast amount of work getting this all together must have been. Cause <i>DAMN.</i>
It really looks sleek.
And not "web 2.0 shiney turd" sleek.

Yeah... The big goal was to make a layout that was clean and not too bulky, without looking like a vacant web 2.0 piece of shit.

Some people have already criticized the layout of being too graphic intensive, but it's actually pretty optimized... If you add up all the images of the sitewide general layout, I'm hoping it's still just around 100k (at least, that was the goal from the onset).

And after a 30 hour launch session, the beer hasn't come out of the fridge yet... Now it's the nightmare of fixing memory leaks, software hangs and other post-launch surprises!

"I didn't like the way the old front page affiliate posting system worked; it excluded a lot of people who deserved front page posting access, but I couldn't possibly give it to everyone because official site news would always be getting bumped off the front page."


The new design looks cool. It's all... "Metaly..."

Nice job on the complete redesign.
You guys did an excellent job.

This all looks so amazing.
Claps to everyone involved.
Can't wait to see more of your ideas being implemented now that it'll be easier to add them to the site.

Congratulations Tom, you've made the best website on the internet. And one of the most important.

I'm glad you feel it's a real breakthrough, Tom! I love it as well, I'm now able to inform my fans of my upcoming claymations right here on NG!

Mr. Fulp, this website is off the hook. The graphics of this website is super amazing. You and your team are indeed the best webmasters in the world. I like how the outlook of the website is metallic. Keep living the dream sir:)

I like pineapples.

Hey, movie viewing works on Opera now! Sweet!

In other business:
I need the password for the "Triple-Merc" account. I know you may not give it to me through PM, because you don't know whether the account is mine, but if you could email the password to triplemerc@gmail.com , that'd be great. Last time I checked, the recover password thing wasn't working.

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