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Hi there! In case you didn't know, I created newgrounds. No, it wasn't made by some giant company - just some dumb kid. I also co-founded the Behemoth; we made Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. Icon by JohnnyUtah, banner by Pegosho.

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RIP Charlie and Sherbert, may they be granted infinite warm monitors to lie on and immortalized forever in weird internet culture

I'm sorry about your cat, but it would be really cool if you posted something about how important net neutrality is, right now!

Much love to Charlie, man. He was somewhat a part of our lives, in a way. We always saw that cat on Norman, of course we didn't think much of it. But the millions and millions that have played Alien Hominid saw that cat which I am sure many gamers will remember him without even knowing.

Merry Christmas to you and yours dude, hope I didn't spoil your news post :(

lol no worries. Merry Christmas! :)

we need Charlie mood icons, to commemorate the best cat

I'm really sorry about your pet cat Charlie dood but what I like the most was dat your pet cat eyes are so dank and his color is jade. Which is actually rare though.

speed running alien hominid is a cool idea. never thought of that before.

losing pets sucks, i like to imagine their ghosts follow us around and protect and help us because we loved them. maybe im gay as hell for saying that tho but idec !!!

Sorry it's late but sorry to hear about Charlie.

He lucked out having you as an owner man, I bet he was well looked after!

Pico school 2 and castle crashers 2 is basically a dream for me better keep preying love you man ?

That question mark was a mistake btw

Sorry for your loss, Mr.Fulp. Wish I could support NG but no credit card so I can't.

I click on your profile to see if you had any updates on that new game you're working on and I see a Alien Hominid speedrun, happy I am thinking I'll finally get to see what the rest of the game will look like after the initial 2 minutes since I'm a shit player, then you grab my heart and rip it out with news of a dead cat. You hurt me one too many times.

Charlie was cute, hope he passed away peacefully.

remember how wrong you and everyone else were about dre lol

better than ever

I think I got past the 2 level once maybe. What if someone found a racist, harassing, or pornographic image on the user profile would the account be deleted or just the image. R.I,P. Charlie.

fuck you why your blmming rules so fucking shitty...


I am in need of help tom for a scouter for ideas to work on would you mind I was working hard for the past 5 months.

It'd be pretty cool if Alien Hominid was put up on Steam at some point. Also, sorry for your loss, I understand how you feel :/

Oh man, that sucks ... Rest in peace Charlie. Our 15 year old dog isn't doing too well either, she just had spinal disc herniation :[


you just bumped a 12.5 year old thread wtf!! i hope you banned yourself...

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