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Hi there! In case you didn't know, I created newgrounds. No, it wasn't made by some giant company - just some dumb kid who now has help. I also co-founded the Behemoth; we made Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. Icon by JohnnyUtah, banner by Pego

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Adobe Animate isn't used professionally as much as you think. There are much better tools like ToonBoom out there now that are less prone to bugs, freezing, and shutting down without warning. I still use Animate for some elements, but ultimately everything gets imported into After Effects before a final publish anyways.

I think it would be better to say the essence of flash animation is not gone. There is no (updated) Flash software anymore, but there are several animation tools that allow online indie creativity to shine.

animators need to ditch flash and start animating solely with CSS

Bizarre to hear you taking about Flash in the past tense ("projects WERE exported as SWF files"). Gotta say though, taking that extra step to preserve that older content through the Newgrounds Player is a very commendable thing to do. Without that, Flash content becoming inaccessible would be a modern-era burning of the Library of Alexandria.

Why don't we all just integrate to goanimate cmon lets stop kidding ourselves

@GallowJolt Heretic.

Well is there an alternate program for Abode flash (I forgot about the program that creates flash files that we all use and love today), if people want to create movies or games?

Can I still animate in mspaint and window movie maker?

A little off topic, but I was wondering if you saw this users newspost? https://ant0on.newgrounds.com/news/post/1049557

I thought it was a pretty cool opportunity for some artist who want to try something new and exciting.

Wow........ I started using Animate CC since last November! I liked it, Although I did the Yearly renewal Through Amazon instead of Monthly from Official Adobe Website. I stopped using Flash CS6 since 2016. Although, There are new tools in Animate CC that I haven't seen in previous Versions of Flash, I still enjoy making stuff in the same format. I'm gonna have to re-animate everything for my Upcoming Project. I may make an HD Remake of one of my Old Flash Series... Although that won't be released until Sometime in 2021.

@Magotrap Hey dude we all know its true, let's just drag and drop Newgrounds' entire community into the place

@GallowJolt Goddamned ironic humor. We are a thousand strong, it would take years to get each and everyone of us!

Stop amimating in flash.
Use cels,thats the good shit.
(This is joke)

There are more programs for creating animation and games than anyone would care to list, but for those well versed in Flash there's no reason to change. Your animations still convert to video easily like any other program would. At the end of the day Flash animation software is just another drawing program. It's not married to the plug-in like people think.

(This was in response to someone asking something but I think the original comment disappeared.)

Now that's a Flash Legacy :)

Thank you for the update !

What about smaller websites like this (http://sakupen.com/) or that (https://www.homestuck.com/story/1358?fl=1) that use flash predominately as a feature of their site? Are they screwed in terms of preservation?

@Nabella Well... Yes, and no. You could still preserve these by taking footage of you interacting with them and uploading it to sites like Youtube (which many people have done over the years with many Homestuck flash animations, thank god). But in terms of complete preservation... I'd say they're screwed, unless the owner converted their project into either a native format that will still play the files (like what NG is doing with the Newgrounds Player, if I have it right) or they recreated them entirely to a new format (HTML5, WebGL, etc). My point is that anything Flash-based from independent sites are very much at risk. Flash's browser support itself is going to be cut from most browsers within the next year or two.

@weirdflowers Well, looks like I'm gonna' start stockpiling some SWFs then...

It's sad to hear anyone talking about flash in a past tense sort of way. Web browsers dropping support of flash is practically going to erase 20 years of games and animations. It certainly nice to hear you guys still plan on supporting flash past 2020. AS3 is easily the language I've written the most code in over the year, certainly feels disheartening sometime to think of is as useless skill of mine.

But I suppose it not worth dwelling in the past. I wonder if you've ever though of hosting download only games. HTML 5 is Great but with tools like UE4 it's at best inconvenient to get working here.

Flash animators need to ditch Adobe and start animating only with ASCII art

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