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Hi there! In case you didn't know, I created newgrounds. No, it wasn't made by some giant company - just some dumb kid who now has help. I also co-founded the Behemoth; we made Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. Icon by JohnnyUtah, banner by Pego

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Will there be any way to preserve the Easter Eggs that were baked into certain flash cartoons via clickable hidden links? Obviously those have been lost in their current video conversions...

Those will still work when you load stuff via Newgrounds Player.

@Nabella You should check out bluemaxima/Ben Latimore's attempt to catalog all the flash games and movies on the web. He's currently got over 11,000 games archived (courtesy of the Internet Archive), and a special player to play them (bypassing sitelocks, etc.):



Finally, a clear explanation between Flash PLAYER and the Flash/Animate program.

I do have a question about this though. With Newgrounds both having a way to play MP4's, and preserving ShockWaveFlash files for past and future uploads, is there any point to upload things in the HTML5 format here? I'm interested to know, since I plan on making (and have made) interactive animations/games. I'm unsure if I should stick with Flash 8 and AS2 since Newgrounds Player is going to be a thing, or if I should migrate over to HTML5.

I would recommend migrating to HTML5 because not everyone will install a third party player for Flash content. We'll still accept SWF files but HTML5 will give you more opportunities overall.

Also for content where we have an MP4 version, people will still be able to click a link to access the SWF version and load it via Newgrounds Player.

The Swivel program is an absolute godsend and it was an honor to meet the minds behind it at the 2016 meet up ( you too Mr. Fulp ;) ). I can't thank you enough... to all at Newgrounds who put this program together, making the export process so much faster and convenient! A true thank you to guys for making such a powerful tool and allowing users such as myself to continue using the programs I know and enjoy using. You guys rock and this is why I will always be a faithful user to you.

If you guys haven't gotten the Swivel program PLEASE DO. This program is what animators like myself used to dream of way back, because exporting was not nearly as easy as it is now. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

Super concise info here! Indeed, hope people finally start distinguishing between the two. And even more so: stop hating on such an iconic technology. It's done wonders for the web. Imagine how the world would be without it... will keep it's legacy alive long after support drops by occasionally exporting some unsupported SWFs here. :)

Regarding the NG Player: when I tried installing it a week or so ago I kept getting a message that 'Flash Player is not installed... but it is. Installed it again via the link the notice provides, but the error message kept popping up when I tried to open up the program. Unless this has been fixed recently it might be something to look into. Using 64-bit Win 7 with FireFox.

We're looking into the issue where it doesn't think you have Flash Player installed on your computer. We also got the license from Adobe to include the Flash Player in the installer, so an upcoming update will include that.

Are you nіggers planning on using canvas to make clickable videos for easter eggs? I noticed almost all games are in canvas now.

Hi I'm YoinK. I hope that we are still friends after we all convert our own movies to the new format. lol I still love this website.

This reminded me! Do you guys plan on ever updating Swivel if there's a bug? Mainly the one I get is when you make a movie clip animation symbol have the filter dropshadow -hide object. its a great way to make a shadow animation but when exported to swivel the symbol animation is played normal and not with the filter.

Mike doesn't had much time to make updates lately but it's open source now and we're hoping other people will dive into it.

What about the falsh games??

@Fuck-division racial slur aside, that's simply not possible to do in an automated manner. it would involve scraping the easter eggs, adding overlays, etc. etc etc., and it may not function correctly even then. that's on the part of the developer now, not the convertor.

Resuming (basically) for the animators who are migrating to Flash to HTML5:

>What is dying is the SWF at the internet, not the Adobe Flash.
>You still have Adobe Animate CC and Swivel to transform your SWF to a MP4.

The Newgrounds Player sounds fantastic once it goes beyond beta. I'd hate to lose the chance to gain medals! It's also sad to see how ignorant some people are when it comes to animation process by saying to animate in HTML5.

Tom, what about the old Flash videos on this website? Do you have to delete the videos or reformat them to MP4 so they can be played on Iphone? When i'm on the website on my phone, I can't play some of the Flash movies, games, and the music doesn't play as well.

For videos that we can't convert to MP4 (or if someone wants to retain interactive elements), people will need to use Newgrounds Player. We won't be deleting any files. Mobile won't be able to play any SWF content for now but music should work fine - that's not depending on Flash anymore. What mobile OS / browser are you using and where is the music not working?

@Cyberdevil @TomFulp how about, idunno, bundling flash.ocx with the thing? (i.e. the flash activex control itself)

@BigBone1204 @TomFulp I’m using my iPhone 5 which you probably know that it’s a IOS device. Also I’m using a Chrome app. Everytime I try to listen to music on the audio portal, it says it’s playing but I don’t hear anything.

I'll always love animations done in flash, since it reminds me of better days. Speaking of old stuff, I was looking at the old NG themes in the wayback machine recently. I miss those colorful sort of translucent front page buttons probably from somewhere around 2009. NG's had so many good themes over the years. I hope you keep an archive of all that stuff

amen flash is love flash is life just as javascript

Will the Newgrounds Player be free & open-source when it opens?

Thanks for explaining this. I have been wondering about it for awhile.

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