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Hi there! In case you didn't know, I created newgrounds. No, it wasn't made by some giant company - just some dumb kid who now has help. I also co-founded the Behemoth; we made Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. Icon by JohnnyUtah, banner by Pego

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4 new songs.
Yay first comment

2 new collabs that im working on

Commissions from three months ago, and stories collabs from seven. Tom, you're a god, right? Slow down time for me, please!

Been Better.

Hope things get better for you in 2017!

I'm animating! And I hope to get my animation done before 2017!

Working on my art improvement. Also working on voice acting. B)

Not much, trying to get back into animation. I was making something for a film festival I missed the deadline and got kinda bummed out. You were right about the decompiling of streaming sounds issue with flash, not sure why I remembered it differently.

I've been hard at work reviewing works in the under judgment section. Some of these people got potential!

Thanks for helping with the judgment process! Don't hesitate to vote zero on unfinished works. I've been noticing a lot of really short demos / unfinished animations passing judgment and it kinda irks me. For a while I was thinking of ditching the whole blam system but right now I want to embrace it more because I've been watching every single thing that comes through.

getting a kiss from Fulp <3

"This game," you say, with no reference to what this secret game is. Doesn't seem like you want to keep it secret. I'm assuming it's the game that's been your sig for a while now.

Yeah the existence of the game isn't secret but I have a fear of revealing too much of it over the years of development, where when it's finally done it no longer feels fresh.

I'm here to try to show the potential in using a certain open source thing for the creation of audio/music.
I think I was kind of already told that I could link to a/the website that hosts open source things that I got the software (Dream) from. (the website has "forge" in its name) But, I'm not sure if that applies to commenting on News entries.
I may upload/dump a zip file, soon.

Congratgulations TomFulp, for reaching more then 20,000 fans!:)

C'mon Tom just give us a little peeksies won't ya?
Before 2017 i wanna get one last animation done(finished the animatic) and juuust maybe post a short little game I did for a recent game jam.

Switching colleges, working on some cartoons, and finally getting an album out I've been working on for a year and a half now. Hope everything's awesome, Tom.

get my and my families health in the right order

Hope that goes well! I hurt my arm over the summer and have been struggling a bit since to keep up my routine.

Oh hey, a new post! :D Well what am I doing and hoping to do hmm. Hope to get all things I didn't get done last year done this year before the new year is here and there are new things I wish to do! Hesitantly hopeful it may be doable.

Congrats on those 20k fans too!

struggling at the moment but everything will be ok next year i will start trading Forex and Binary and hope fully i will make enough money to get a place of my own. how are you tom?

I'm ok, just going through a bit of a rough patch with trying to clean up some music issues around the site.

Studying machine learning while keeping up my boring internship role of being, basically, a DBA

Hey maybe when I'm competent at this I can try and help you develop a better recommendation system for the site or something

@TomFulp yeah I noticed. I've been voting zero on unfinished (besides betas) or just flat out unplayable works.


I've been up to celebrating my big 2-1 and hoping that the year 2017 will be better than this year. 2016 was rough at times.

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