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Madness Accelerant Alt Music

Posted by TomFulp - March 4th, 2021

@MindChamber gave me the heads up @Ban has been working on a Tricky Mod for Friday Night Funkin' and was hoping to snag some of the Tricky sounds originally used in Madness Accelerant.

While digging around my old 2009 folder, I noticed I had a bunch of songs picked out that I never actually used in the final game. I thought I might as well share them, so you can imagine an alternate experience!

Devoluted was originally a candidate for the start of the game, building up momentum as you progressed.

Sertraline had a fun and creepy Tricky vibe to it, I was picturing it for a Tricky sequence, maybe when he charges down the stairs after breaking through the door.

MachinRAa actually was in the game at one point, for the sequence where Tricky comes down the stairs and then battles you in the elevator. It ended up being Blue brass of the beast, instead.

Systole was another Tricky candidate, maybe for the final battle (which ended up being Dryll).

Smog Step Sanctuary was a banger I never ended up using but it still slaps.

Stimulus was another one that was considered but never found a place.

That's it!

If you're curious about Madness Regent, I didn't have extra songs laying around but I do recall listening to Bassbin Twins - Woppa on repeat while building out the first half, so it's basically in the game's DNA.



Comments (40)

tricky's shameful secret

thats all really awesome! These songs are great!

I didn't know you make music :O

I don't make music (not good music anyway) - these are songs I had picked out from the Audio Portal!

Tom you should make some music sometime

tom making a new post, 2021 blessed year

wake up, eat cereal, and I read the new Tom Fulp newspost! A blessed day today!

@ninjamuffin99 what kind of cereal though? This is important.

@Positron832 @TomFulp idk, the luis day song is pretty good.

To this day, Regent and Accelerant are probably some of the most fun I had with Madness games on NG.
It's interesting to see what it might've ended up like besides the finished one we have today.

Love how wholesome that bass is with Stimulus in particular... nice to see this long-lost selection see the light of the day here! Smooth and slightly crazy alternative reality selection...

ALthough I missed it, you can tell this has that late 2000s and early 2010s sound that nothing else really can replicate. that's actually pretty cool that you found that.

Tom is so cool

tom, why didn't you followed me? :/

nice song

Please Tom dump your wife for me I need you

Please get 100k fans

Dude I can’t wait for pico day it’s been so long since we had one


hello tom fulp I found rare video? and don't look down on the comment selection? youtube.com/watch?v=v-5ZVv4yDBU it's weird?

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