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Tech News

Posted by TomFulp - January 21st, 2023

Here are some tech news videos I've enjoyed over the past month:

"Scientists in Copenhagen have successfully demonstrated a chip that can send enough data every second to cope with the entire internet's traffic, all at a fraction of the energy demand."

"A New Way to Achieve Nuclear Fusion" - this isn't related to the fusion announcement by the government last month, it's a different company that came out of stealth mode afterwards.

"6K Energy has developed an innovative process to produce battery material that leapfrogs legacy battery material processing technology with proven 6,000-degree Kelvin microwave plasma technology, known as UniMelt®. 6K’s UniMelt process can produce multiple chemistries ultra-fast and at substantially lower cost with significantly less environmental impact than the current process. 6K’s UniMelt can produce battery material using 90% less water, generating zero solid and liquid waste and significantly less energy and CO2 emissions."

Latest Boston Dynamics demonstration:

"How Physicists Created a Holographic Wormhole in a Quantum Computer" - interesting developments on the topic of traversable wormholes and the idea that black holes and quantum entanglement are the same thing.

There has been lots of battery tech news over the past month but it's always hard to know what will actually come to market and what technologies will win. BMW announced their Gen 6 battery will offer 30% improved range, 50% reduced cost and 60% reduced carbon emissions to produce. They plan to debut the new batteries in their Neue Klasse models in 2025.

StoreDot's Extreme Fast Charging batteries tout faster charging and higher energy density, have already been confirmed by third parties and are expected to be in production next year.

There are numerous battery factories coming to the US and some good news for Australia, too:

This video about flywheels is an interesting look at how old technology can also meet modern demands:




holy shit I’m early lmao

@stevetherapper Me too!

I know some of the actions are preprogrammed but that giddy walk on the Atlas bot is funny/cute.

Yeah a lot of people dismiss it as being scripted but the overall mobility is really impressive.


very cool, thank you tom

Finally! Tech news worth being excited about!

Legit ?

Good to know all of that stuff.

Aye these all sound like huge improvements. I feel like these upgrades won't be implemented for a while though, and they'll proabably be really expensive when they are implemented.

Neat stuff

That's a real breakthrough.

Very good. Very nice.

Ooh, had just seen the Atlas one before - impressive but more so a fun thing compared to some of these others, a single chip that can handle the entire Internet...

Batteries and nuclear fission/fusion seem like more important breakthrough areas but that's just crazy to me. Bodes well for the future...

fuckin nerd

question can you redesign the web in 2024???

Tom, I have an idea for pico day you should RE MASTER PICO SCHOOL updated graph Voice Actor and best of all get rid of the sorry this scenic is too powerful for your PC.

@AmmoGuppy @TomFulp can you make pico 2 newgrounds rumble 2 and tankman 3

Hearing about newer innovations with electric vehicles and battery tech is honestly really exciting to see! This, in conjunction with solar panels and wind turbines, could essentially generate entire cities if they engineer it correctly, and with significant decreases in consumption and pollution levels. I'm really curious about 6K's batteries and retrofitting them with cars without this technology, as well as Australia's Liquid Metal batteries and what that could mean for solar energy storage in average homes.

I recently learned about Metal Rubber, and its uses and applications, it's really cool

ferarri is better damn

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