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Office Goal for Next Year?

Posted by TomFulp - January 26th, 2009

I'm more obsessed with the goals for NG as a website in 2009, but with the increasing number of really cool meet-ups, it feels imperative that NG as a social scene (dare I say LIFESTYLE?) must continue to evolve.

So in addition to NG's grand utopian vision revealing itself this year, here is a second goal I'm setting for 2009: The NG office is housed in a two story warehouse where we work on the second floor and store Penicorns and Tankmen on the first. I want to finally clean up (montage!) the first floor, spruce it up within reason, drywall the back wall and paint a giant mural that surrounds a big blank white box for projecting movies and games.

The first official unveiling would be when we announce the nominees for Best of 2009, via webcast (preferably NG Chat but more likely Stickam) and stream it all from the first floor venue. We'd fly out some popular artists and nominees, have a cocktail hour and then watch the nominees on the big screen.

So that's the goal; I've written it out, which makes it more likely to be achieved. We'll see in one year!

Office Goal for Next Year?

Comments (119)

Hahaha. Can't wait for this all to happen, Tom. Good luck, as well.

a mural? That sounds cool.

Best of luck with that stuff.

Have a nice day.

Looking forward to the web cast, hope all your renovations go well. Have a good time ^_^

I have no idea what the hell you just said but that sounds great!

FUCK, i have been having this urge for a montage in a while.

You can come and help clean.


That sounds so sick!

I'd love to goto something like that. :D


mario meetz stickman is best of 2009 so no need to bother listing nominees

Well I guess everyone wins in this oh nevermind.

Wow, this sounds like it will be one spectacular achievement once fully conceived.

I love the idea of an awards show


Great idea, but remember. A paid hooker is a happy hooker.

hopefully i can come to a meet up

Montage, fuck yeah!


Look at you, living in luxury.

newgrounds montage 09.

you should have an NG meet in Vancouver! or at least somewhere in Canada...

I'd go to the nomination party to give props.

Then crash the part just like at Big Apple Con :)

Hope this comes true Tom, that would be epic to have live award type thing.

Wait wait wait, I thought you were going to convert the first floor into a nursery?

You store the Penicorns and Tankmen together?
That seems dangerous.

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