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First Floor

Posted by TomFulp - November 13th, 2009

Progress has started on turning the first floor of our building into a gathering space for potential NG events! My fingers are still crossed that we can screen the Best of 2009 there, maybe some time in April 2010.

Tim and our contractor friend Rob (not NG programmer Rob) have been cutting all the unused pipes out of the ceiling. These pipes date back to when there was factory machinery all over the place. Once the ceiling has been cleared out as much as possible, it will be pressure washed and re-coated so it isn't dropping rust on everything down below. I'll have to remember to take pictures of the ongoing progress! Here are all the cut up pipes from Day 1.

First Floor

Comments (94)

First. HOLY SHIT THATS A LOT! Would it also host the offices of future NG staff?

Looks like a pretty huge space. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Whoa... how do you not have many comments from this time? Did you not front page it again? Shame, shame, shame.

dats goota hoit

I dream of the day I can go to an NG event at NG HQ :'D

Keep us posted Tom.

Yeah looking back on the P-Bot birth scene from last year's Tank Awards thing, the downstairs idd look like a pigsty heh heh.

Sounds pretty sweet to hold a NG HQ event in the future. Y'know, you could save those pipes by making something out of them.

Any of those pipes useful to sell as scrap metal? You could make a bit of cash off of them to help offset the cost of materials later.

Wasn't there a downstairs apartment as well? Is that getting gutted too?

The downstairs apartment will be left alone and we do plan to get cash for the copper pipes, they will fetch some decent $$$!

Too bad you don't accept Photography in the Art Portal.

This picture actually does leave some sad impact on ya.

LOL - You should like...make another Building Remodeling Montage Music Video and as tradition goes, Stamper has to hump a pile of rubble.

Oooh, NG events, looking forward to that!

Pipe it Tom.

so yeah i herd security was tight with the bots

some people i herd were afrain to invade to destroy p bot has that under control right lol

A little gathering place / visiting center would be pretty neat.

i hav 2 shit brb

Meth lab?

Your construction project is bigger then mine.
I've been diggin trenches for electricians, paying roofers, etc. to turn my garage into a suite or real life Duder Entertainment HQ - I plan on sculpting a giant Duder logo to hang on the front.

I hope to hold parties involving NG people there one day - so if theres ever a meeting near, I can bring all to my place to party.

Tom, did you ever get my email about medals? Or my PM?
I sent them over 2 months ago...

That's huge, I hope you do some nice things with it.

That's a lot of reconstruction you gonna have to do

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