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Cathode Raybots POSTPONED.

2012-12-21 14:10:46 by TomFulp

It hurts to say this but it's also a bit of a relief because it's not too late to enjoy Christmas: JohnnyUtah and I have decided to postpone Cathode Raybots.

The plan had been to launch on Christmas Day and that worked as a carrot to get us 99% of the way this past month. As it stands we could probably release it on Christmas day but it wouldn't be as polished as we would like it to be. Taking some extra time will allow us to flesh out the campaign mode and menus (this game is interface hell).

ALSO it just so happens that PsychoGoldfish is working on the "NG Passport" bridge that will allow people on other websites to log in and save scores, earn medals or share content via our API. We decided things will align well and Raybots could launch with Passport integration, so people around the web can enjoy it - and hopefully sign up and check out NG.

Instead of wrapping up 2012 with a bang, we'll kick off 2013 off with a boom!

Expect some more feature updates before the year ends and hopefully there will be a turnout for the GiftJam on Christmas Day (I really should have promoted that more). This would have been a front page post but I didn't want to bump Jim's announcement of playlists!

I put together the available Castle Crashers Soundtrack, so you can relive the game in your head.


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2012-12-21 14:18:27

Hey man, people should be with family and friends or just taking it easy and quite on the Holidays.

There will always be time to enjoy 'presents' afterwards.

Go spend time with your wifu and lil' bastards.

The internetz will still be here and so will us Newgrounders too.

I still think a CC sequel would be kick-ass. Listening to this music.


2012-12-21 14:19:04

Wow really good news, the 2012 for newgrounds was a success, but I think that 2013 will be even better!


2012-12-21 14:48:13

Just take your time with the game, I'm sure it'll be worth it! The new features we got these past few days more than make up for it. Playlists and friends are a great Christmas present, thanks! :3


2012-12-21 16:23:43

Hi tom....i got some ideas for NG updates......do i have to talk about it with you or with someone else?
tell me ! i'd be very happy to grand NG a wonderful future!

TomFulp responds:

You can PM me to discuss whatever!


2012-12-21 16:40:21

aww i was really looking forward to the game :(. Well I still am but, gahh! Thanks for gathering the soundtrack, the playlists thing was really a great idea to come up with. I bought it on steam but steam crashes my computer every time :( i cant seem to find out the problem so i'll have to reinstall...sigh. Oh well lol


2012-12-21 17:34:19

Hopefully it doesn't end up being postponed again....


2012-12-21 18:23:53

I'd rather wait... as long as the end product will be awesome which I already know it will


2012-12-21 18:56:50

I don't know what this game is, but Castle Crashers soundtrack rulz!!!!!!!!!!!

Sign into newgrounds on other websites, that some moustache-twirlin' Dick-Dastardly shit, gwahahahahahaarrrrrr


2012-12-21 19:22:14

First the Playlist thing, now a NG Passport, man you guys are on fire! Also, I don't know if I am going to postpone YOUR present :P
Unless your really want me too...


2012-12-21 19:29:20

Ok fine, but I still expect one heck of a Christmas present from you Tom!!!


2012-12-21 20:47:13

I always felt bad that I couldn't buy Castle Crashers back when it was launched on Xbox-Live. So I bought it 4 times on Steam!


2012-12-21 23:40:56

"Instead of wrapping up 2012 with a bang, we'll kick off 2013 off with a boom!"

"This would have been a front page post but I didn't want to bump Jim's announcement of playlists!"
Aw, that is sweet of you, TOm.

HAH! Wow that's cool! Great playlist example! PERFECT!!


2012-12-22 00:25:48

I look forward to see what you guys have in store, happy 2013!


2012-12-22 15:32:24

I'm glad to see that you guys are making sure the game has quality, but can you at least put up a screenshot, or a song that will be in it to make up for the extra wait time?

I also like the new features, though!


2012-12-22 17:06:50

Barring something terrible happening, I've got a game to submit for the Gift Jam.

I put it up on compohub.net so hopefully it got some exposure there too.


2012-12-23 17:18:34

hi tom can i have your autograph? xD


2012-12-23 18:21:22

hey tomfulp i need help my 13th birthday was today and goryblizzard banned me tell him to unban me other people has been talking about vaginas dildos and the first words i say which is hey guys the dude banned me so tell him to unban me


2012-12-24 00:54:51

what did you get your kids for xmas?


2012-12-24 08:39:51

You forgot to add Emrox' advert to the support NG ads.


2013-01-03 14:39:16

Stop teasing us, just give a release date.


2013-01-13 11:54:42

Majormel, coal obviously.


2013-01-14 07:59:09

You mean like other people can come in & create & save their profile if they got the passport? SWEET!!!! & Yeah good luck on the game. Hope it's multiplayer for Cathode Raybots.


2013-01-14 13:47:19

Castle Crashers HD doesn't look HD


2013-01-14 18:13:16

Please Please Please Please
Make another Madness game for the next Madness day


2013-01-15 13:21:15

Razefan, Krinkels made Madness


2013-01-17 19:07:04

yeah but Tom and Mind chamber made a trio of amazing tribute games, I'm just saying I would love to see another one...


2013-01-19 18:50:08

Honestly, what the fuck happened. If this were 1995 you would be on top of this shit Tom. Your game has been lacking as of late. Just ask your brother..


2013-01-21 10:27:19

Alien Hominid on PC. Is this ever going to happen?


2013-01-28 10:16:40

the passport thing is the best thing ever - i wanted it for ict, glad it will be available now. also some live update as mochi would be cool and fast in game registration.


2013-01-28 10:56:36

Big ups mate, looking forward to it