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NG Passport

2013-01-31 14:43:37 by TomFulp

When Cathode Raybots launches, it will be the first game to showcase NG Passport! There will be a notice on the loading screen asking people to sign in, as well as notices in-game at locations where people could save data to NG. We're hoping it will make more people around the web make use of the API features and hopefully get interested in NG!

I'm also making this post to test another feature that I'll announce with a front page post, if everything is working. Reply and say hi!

NG Passport


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2013-01-31 14:51:32

So, if I log into NG on another site, and earn medals they'll show up in my NG profile?

(Updated ) TomFulp responds:

Yup! It's basically a bridge where the game will receive notice from our server that you are logged in.


2013-01-31 14:55:30

That's nice.


2013-01-31 14:56:00

Sounds pretty neat!


2013-01-31 15:04:18

oooh... is this the thing that tells you when someone leaves a comment?

(Updated ) TomFulp responds:

Yes! It's working fine for blogs right now but there are some other issues getting sorted out. I'm actually replying to this FROM my feed page.


2013-01-31 15:07:36

That's very cool!

TomFulp responds:

Still testing!


2013-01-31 15:15:10

i wish this was a porno site


2013-01-31 15:20:02

Oh cool, this will really improve the user experience flow!

Now we can check out of NG anytime we like, but we can never leave.


2013-01-31 15:23:12

What are your thougts on people who don't bother to express their thoughts?

TomFulp responds:

I wonder if it's because of our layout.


2013-01-31 15:24:54



2013-01-31 15:25:19

It's like everything I do in the other multiverses will be recorded here as well! Score!!!


2013-01-31 15:30:32

2 things:
1. This could be great for an iOS/android ng style app that has ng achievements and junk.
2. this could be great for account phishing.


2013-01-31 15:41:23

Just great!, when you release Cathode Raybots? (I can't wait)

TomFulp responds:

I'm hoping for next week.


2013-01-31 15:46:04

Dang! You guys have been busy last I was on here

TomFulp responds:

Man time flies... It doesn't feel like that long ago since I converted Pinata Party to video with the early Swivel beta... Did you miss the whole redesign launch last February?


2013-01-31 15:51:28

This is pretty cool! It would be nice to see a bridge linking from other sites. This could encourage offsite guests playing the games to come here and start accounts!

However I fear this could be a phishing bait for some.
Will there be any kind of protective action against this? like maybe users have a secondary password or key to their account for off-site use only? Maybe a redirect to a secured login?

Otherwise this seems like a great tool for the site!

TomFulp responds:

The login form is at a secure URL, so people will see the green bar and our address verification. That's actually why we're doing logins with a new browser tab, vs a login field in the game itself. Hopefully it will do the trick!


2013-01-31 16:02:29

oh hay.


2013-01-31 16:12:22

Nice. NG is going to take over the net yet again. :)

I'm guessing that new feature is the notifications of blog replies and stuff ? Hope it works for new reviews too, been waiting for something like this!


2013-01-31 16:22:49


TomFulp responds:

Hey you!


2013-01-31 16:38:30

Nice :p


2013-01-31 16:42:24

what about Luis?

will he get an NG greencard


2013-01-31 16:54:45

Did this have anything to do with the down time yesterday? It looks like a great idea, I can't wait!

TomFulp responds:

The downtime yesterday was a fluke, we were installing a replacement HD in our storage system and the whole thing crashed, some database stuff got out of sync and the slave servers had to have everything re-imported... Which wouldn't have been a problem next week because that system is being moved to standalone storage and not part of the central storage.


2013-01-31 16:55:07



2013-01-31 17:04:58

So many things awesome things coming out, I can't contain myself.

TomFulp responds:

Some day maybe the rest of the internet will notice!


2013-01-31 17:17:58

Hi Tom ! Nice to hear about all the new features - good luck with implementing them.


2013-01-31 17:25:56

Franklin, Bell, Edison, Einstein, Ford, and now Fulp: Inventor of many great features.

TomFulp responds:

PsychoGoldfish is the mastermind of the Passport system!


2013-01-31 17:26:06

Out of curiosity, was this the thing that caused the site to drop the other day?

TomFulp responds:

Storage system crash / de-synced data, some more details down below.


2013-01-31 17:27:05

Can't wait to play this game!


2013-01-31 17:30:48

Do you have intentions to make all our heads explode from all the recent good news?


2013-01-31 17:35:24

YES!!! This is awesome.


2013-01-31 17:41:01

Hi :D


2013-01-31 17:56:38



2013-01-31 17:59:01

I'm curious about something, yesterday the site was 503 error'd for a couple of hours; what happened?


2013-01-31 18:00:00

Other comments aside, I really wanted to congratulate you guys on the NG staff for doing such a great job on creating and releasing great thing after great thing for the past while. It's great to see all these great things coming from NG.


2013-01-31 18:00:15

Hopefully Cathode Raybots launches soon then. Sounds like something I could use pretty soon as well


2013-01-31 18:01:26

-scratch- dumb of me for not reading other posts...
sorry tom.

Great to hear this news!


2013-01-31 18:01:42



2013-01-31 18:08:21

awesome, also: in-game registration plz!


2013-01-31 18:11:40

i doint know what this is but i like it


2013-01-31 18:27:10

Hmm... This could be useful for the forgetful chaps who don't sign in to NG before they play I guess. Or if the game is hosted on another site but using the NG API and people can't look up into the corner and see if they are logged in. When will this feature be available for us to incorporate in our games?


2013-01-31 18:44:41

I love the NG API!


2013-01-31 18:46:49

This is awesome!

So does this feature only work for AS2 & AS3 for now?

TomFulp responds:

Yeah for the moment it will just be AS2/AS3... Hopefully more as things progress.


2013-01-31 19:06:06

NG Passport. Sounds interesting.


2013-01-31 19:06:20

When will this be launched?


2013-01-31 19:20:54

Jeez, Tom, how many amazing features do you plan on launching this year?


2013-01-31 19:30:28

No. You didn't say Simon Says.


2013-01-31 19:57:50



2013-01-31 20:04:59

I just saw those two campaigns you added in Cathode Raybots...! :D
Thanks Tom!

Looking forward to the release next week-ish. :)

TomFulp responds:

I still gotta do a lot of balancing... Trying to put easy guys between the harder guys to give some chance for health recovery, etc... These campaigns are HARD!


2013-01-31 20:21:01

Awesome! I think this will for sure bring more people to NG! Can't wait for Cathode Raybots


2013-01-31 20:31:34

Of course I didnt miss the redesign Tom you crazy goose! I was however away for 2 months recently! I logged on today and I was presently surprised to find many new additions like the supporter, mp4 videos and now passport! Well done sexy


2013-01-31 20:36:30

If this is comment notifications I'm going to be giddy with joy


2013-01-31 20:41:09

Will users type out their login info in-flash? Is there some sort of security? Seems kinda easy to fetch the keys pressed!... not like I'd do anything of the sort....