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Want Skylanders Swap Force for PS3?

2014-03-05 10:54:17 by TomFulp

Late last year we bought Skylanders Swap Force for the PS3, it was meant to be for Christmas. Then at the last minute in December, I snagged an Xbox One and decided if I was gonna spend hours playing Skylanders, I wanted to play it with the best framerate and graphics possible... So I bought a second copy assuming we would return the PS3 version. Turns out Amazon has a 30 day window to return, and we missed it by two days so we were stuck with it.

Next I tried to Ebay it but it never hit the minimum price after a few attempts... So now it's just been sitting on my desk and it's time to give it away!

If you have a PS3 and would like Skylanders Swap Force, draw a Skylander character sitting in the NG tank, upload it to the Art Portal or Dumping Grounds and post the link in this thread. It doesn't have to be great art, it could just be really funny MSPaint or crayon. I'll pick one winner and send them my PS3 version of Skylanders Swap Force.

Deadline is Monday, March 10th at 12am Monday morning so finish by Sunday.


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2014-03-05 11:08:26

oh thats sounds great!


2014-03-05 11:32:14

This should be interesting!


2014-03-05 11:33:11

Awesome! How much time do we have before you pick the winner?

TomFulp responds:

Whoops, forgot to address that! I set a late Sunday deadline.


2014-03-05 11:56:22

Count me in!

TomFulp responds:

You've already made this all worth it!


2014-03-05 12:14:23

If only I could draw. D:


2014-03-05 15:06:13

Here's mine. :D

TomFulp responds:

Awesome Trigger Happy!


2014-03-05 15:09:33

If my PS3 would be working.


2014-03-05 21:11:13

Yeah, make 'em sweat for it ;) So what are your boys doing for kicks, you gave them the PS3?

TomFulp responds:

We play stuff together on all the consoles... Right now we're playing the LEGO Movie game on Xbox One but we also have been going back to Skylanders Giants on PS3, for some reason that's being requested more than Swap Force on Xbox One. I want to be playing Strider on Xbox One but that hasn't been in demand and I only really play games during kid-time nowadays.


2014-03-05 21:19:35


So totally 100% Baller Homie G Swagalishus

TomFulp responds:



2014-03-06 00:42:19

They will take it


2014-03-06 01:51:10

Would you ship it outside of the United States? I thought it best to ask before I went and did something stupidly detailed.


2014-03-06 08:23:30

I can't draw....

Gotta ask the folks over at /b/


2014-03-06 14:31:34

Yeah never played the thing but I'm a sucker for draw threads


TomFulp responds:

Nice Kaos! If you play the game, you'll notice he's the same voice as Invader Zim.


2014-03-06 22:43:06

Okay never played the game either but who can pass up a chance to draw and maybe get something for it.

TomFulp responds:

Look at that, you got the stink lines and everything!


2014-03-06 23:03:37

How will you pick the winner? Will it be your favorite pick or a raffle or something?

TomFulp responds:

I'm not sure yet.


2014-03-07 17:22:01

I've played bosth games through with my litle bro, and he hasn't got that one yet, so. I think i will do this for him, i'll try it out. Be sure to see it when / if, i'm done ok :D


2014-03-07 17:24:13

What size and what file shall it be, for an upload ? i'm quite new at uploading stuff for newgrounds.


2014-03-08 15:39:30

I'm not really a great artist, and I down currently own a PS3. But best of luck to those who participate in it.

...You know, I liked it better when consoles had actual names, instead of just numbers..
Dreamcast, Saturn, Gamecube. Those are awesome names.
Nowadays everyone just adds a number to the name.


2014-03-09 18:34:20

And you think adding letters is better?


2014-03-09 18:44:53

To me, adding a number next to your next console shows how many you've made.
It's like movie sequels.
It's fine with the first 2 or 3. But when you get around to 4 and 5, then it seems to overstay its welcome.
That's just how I feel.


2014-03-09 19:17:47

I see what you mean. It's confusing with Nintendo since they go from DS to DSi to DSXL to DSiXL to 3DS to 3DSi to 3DSiXL to 2DS. Just waiting for the release of the 2-3DSiXXL Limited Edition Pokemans ABCWXYZ model.
It's kinda weird in Microsoft's case. The Xbox One. They use a number, but as a word rather than a digit. A downgraded digit. You know, they took 359 steps back. That joke that we abused when the name was released. I dunno.


2014-03-09 20:25:03

Sure, I would like a shot at that game!

TomFulp responds:

So shiny and awesome!


2014-03-10 13:01:51

There were some great entries throughout but Lobsterblues really nailed it. His Wash Buckler was full of character and he caught a nice angle on the tank, the whole thing had a lot of personality. Congrats, Lobsterblues! I'll PM you for info.


2014-03-13 16:13:19

A shame you haven't done anything good since Castle Crashers. That game was awesome.

I have been visiting your site for many years now and sadly I dont feel like visiting much more anymore. The quality has gone so low that watching anything on here is a pain when we used to have hilarious parodies with great talented artist that you helped shine on here now you dont see the same masters at comedy and animation anymore if anything they have gone to youtube where they can perhaps make some money on anything they post.

It doesn't help when you have such an aweful front page feature, you really should let the people decide whats considered the best or at least up the standards by a lot....problem with that is that it seems like standards have gone way down in over all quality of humor and animation.


2014-03-17 02:28:46

Hi Tom Fulp my lil frog just died today and I was woundeing if you whould all support my frog!
I would thank you all if you did.


2014-03-17 16:53:33

Wow, the effort some of these guys went to is incredible. Good work, guys.


2014-04-04 00:30:06

Thanks for the speedy delivery of TP, just got it Thursday afternoon! I'm sure it came from that pile I spied inside the left side entrance door. I poop about 10 minutes after I wake up, no need to carry a stool all day.


2014-04-11 06:05:29

lol you're furry now ? awesome ^^


2014-04-11 15:25:04

Oy, Tom, what happened to your icon?


2014-04-12 16:39:16

(To anyone who has read my last comment here, please read this:

I asked Tom what happened to his icon because it was set to the default tankman icon for a brief moment. You may now halt all considerations to pick a fight with me.)


2014-04-26 19:27:01

The Pico Day stream was the best stream I've ever witnessed.


2014-04-29 15:40:15

I saw what you did there.... was a nice picture/test! Almost tagged the first reviewer as 'abusive'... that would have been the right call, right? Calling your work stolen, for shame!

TomFulp responds:

Doing a bunch of image-related updates, will make FP post in a minute!


2014-05-11 12:55:18

i have it in the wiiu