Entry #169

Madness Meeting

2015-05-28 14:44:05 by TomFulp


@The-Swain, @Krinkels and @MindChamber (from right to left) came by the office yesterday to discuss Madness: Project Next 2 and demo the latest build. This picture was meant to be a candid shot but Swain caught me when I flipped on extra lights.

Project Nexus 2 looks AMAZING! To make this game, Swain has become a master of Unity3D and Krinkels has turned into a 3D modeler / Blender pro. They both stepped waaaay out of their comfort zones and the results are paying off big. They've earned whatever success is coming their way!

Be sure to play the original web / Flash version of Madness: Project Nexus on NG!

Also this post feels like a total PR BS fluff piece but I wanted to give them a shout. People tend to forget you exist when you're working for years on a big project. Witness!


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2015-05-28 14:55:17

Wow, man this looks cool. I love seeing cool dudes making cool shit. It looks like hard work and a lot of fun.


2015-05-28 15:01:52

Swain's already starting to look like a lumberjack


2015-05-28 15:02:07

Why is MindChamber not a badass robot?


2015-05-28 15:24:39

WOaah man. I'm glad the kickstarter paid off! I feel so bad I never chipped in. But if I ever have the cash I'll definitely buy it on steam for the full price! Really hope this will put Newgrounds back in the spotlight!

TomFulp responds:

It's not officially a Newgrounds game or anything like that, although it will be further evidence that amazingly talented people come up on NG! Should also make Madness Day extra exciting.


2015-05-28 15:32:31

damn, krinkles is one handsome sonubabich


2015-05-28 16:03:00

I'm sure they worked really really hard to get this game in progress, and they had to start from zero to work on Unity3D and modelling, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
lol just kidding.
"Madness: Project Next 2" :P


2015-05-28 16:09:55

Wow krinkel have some good muscle! Man i'm very hype for this, it look very cool. Also, what the date of the game release.


2015-05-28 16:38:15

Can you buy Swain's beard on Amazon? I'd definately buy it.


2015-05-28 16:49:50

hi tom fulp how was your day

TomFulp responds:

My day was fine! How was yours?


2015-05-28 17:06:20

Eh. I was super into Madness when it first became a thing, and more so within the first like 3-4 movies and games, but recently it's just been bleh to me. Maybe I'll check this out anyway. Sounds promising. Regardless, happy for the success :)


2015-05-28 17:20:52

And he still has time to be super ripped!


2015-05-28 17:26:38

hey tom, thats really nice of you to remind us of krinkels/swains/mindchambers epic game-collaboration.

its true, many people DO forget others, and especially if they ''get off the radar'', as they say....
but we shouldn't forget them.

both mindchamber, (with his epic animations and being one of the oldest/most loyal core members of NG), krinkels(creator of madness, talented animator and awesome dude overall), and the swain, (excellent animator, creator of one of the funniest cartoon series on NG, AND a really funny/nice person) are great people and talented artists, and we should never forget them or their work.

same thing goes to all the other amazing artists in here.
we must not forget you.

thanks for doing that tom, you are a really nice person, never change!

also: i hope that madness NEXUS project 2 (the 3-D one) will land on a big console, such as the XBOX or the playstation 3/4!
it deserves to go there!

i still remember when alien hominid was a ''simple'' flash game in here, and one day, i saw it on XBOX! i was so happy! i felt so proud, it felt like i was there when this happened, even tho this was clearly your work sir. but i felt happy and proud nonetheless! :)

same goes to castle-crashers, and ofcourse to the X-GEN game ''motherload''.
if it wasn't for NG, this game might have never been so popular, and/or it could be alot harder for it to reach the consoles (which it did, on PS3, after it got around 800k of views in here!)

with this in mind, listen to this: NG is the heart of a vibrant and strong artistic community!
and it will always be a legendary & friendly place for art, games and wonderfull creation everywhere!

cheers, man!

TomFulp responds:

Thanks! One of the most frustrating things about big projects is having to go SO LONG without releasing something new. It was a lot of fun to release new games every few weeks / months in the past... I get tempted to do little side projects for the sake of releasing something but worry they will balloon into major distractions.


2015-05-28 18:18:54

Beautiful. . . . . . :')


2015-05-28 18:45:59

nice room ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
have fun at most guys.


2015-05-28 20:06:20

I just hope that Krinkels doesn't forget that he has to finish Madness combat at some point.
I've been waiting years to see the outcome of the clown-absorbing explosion!


2015-05-28 21:03:01

it was a fun pow-wow...Im flattered these guys still value my old decrepit opinion


2015-05-28 21:51:56

awesome, hope the game turns out killer. I still need to try transitioning to 3d models, I've only dabbled.


2015-05-28 22:39:34

Gosh this game is going to be so much fun, looking forward to playing it!!!

inb4 @luis


2015-05-29 00:18:59

Castle crashing the swain @bomtoons


2015-05-29 00:35:27

@Krinkels and @The-Swain Remember to let me know when you're ready to show it off. We can't wait to feature it on Indie Game Riot!


2015-05-29 06:56:33

Great!! I forecast this will be another gem amongst Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers in the rich, established gaming culture emanating from NewGrounds


2015-05-29 07:51:11

Really gotta respect these project nexus goons. They had to teach themselves totally new tools and still are managing to make such a professional grade game. I think sometimes as you get older you get reluctant to step out of your comfort zone especially when the spotlight burns hot on your brow so its inspiring to see what theyve done. I was a bit reluctant to see the madness characters get taken out of a 2d platform but it looks great and feels good. Also inb4 myself


2015-05-29 09:16:38

They're really gonna pull this off.
Cool, this is great.


2015-05-29 09:55:52

Lots of respect for these guys. The game looks awesome so far and it's just amazing how they both started from scratch with software they weren't even familiar with in the slightest.

Also lol, I see the Picoday drawings are still there.

TomFulp responds:

They will probably be there for a while :)


2015-05-29 12:07:59

Cool! I checked on the project updates on KickStarter the other day! Glad to see its still going!


2015-05-29 13:58:34

dam that office looks chill


2015-05-29 17:07:35

We'd remember they existed if they ever emailed out Kickstarter updates... ;D


2015-05-30 03:26:20

Ooooh, that sounds freakin awesome! ^___^


2015-05-30 10:59:05

Is this made on the unity engine??? Really,i'am a big fan of unity.


2015-05-30 17:02:25

Wow, sounds like some real serious stuff!


2015-05-30 20:47:59

I'm so impressed with what they're making. Hearing them talk about it, you realize how much depth they're putting into every aspect. The game is looking REALLY good so far and I think they're "doing stuff right." I'm jealous and inspired all at the same time :-P

Also: "Krinkel's Arms Defenders" @Luis (it was the best I could think of)


2015-06-02 16:14:59

This is gonna be the biggest project on NG yet. Can't wait for the release.


2015-06-03 14:31:22

Are you going to a few programming shiz with them?


2015-06-04 11:10:37

Man I just know it's gonna be great!


2015-06-09 22:51:41

Too bad Unity's gonna be unsupported soon. Google is the devil!

TomFulp responds:

They're making this for Steam so that won't be a problem, although having a web demo on NG will be more difficult now - will need to attempt a WebGL version if they want to do that.

And yeah, fuck Google.


2015-06-15 05:40:58

I hope you brought your beard A-game to that meeting, Fulp


2015-06-23 06:43:30

This is worthy of Jim sterling's "This is A STEAM GREENLIGHT TRAILER FOR"


2015-07-02 14:24:43

Aww yeah, I'm so grateful I got to meet and hang out with Swain and Krinkels! I did meet MindChamber briefly as well. All really cool people.



Haha, but that's awesome. I'm glad to hear that it's turning out rad! So glad I was able to back them during the Kickstarter phase. :)


2015-07-10 19:38:50


Oh, and yeah. Can't wait for web demo.


2015-07-15 17:49:45

Gotta say the game looks awesome. I bet it's gonna be another 5-star game, can't wait to play it!


2015-07-16 18:12:41

You da man

Ignore the gay stuff


2015-08-04 04:20:01

Great.......... Job I suppose! Btw, I maybe able to visit the Office During the Next Pico day. trust me, I'll be back in Europe just in Time. I may have to Cancel Kawaii-kon though because it's stuck between your B-day! Yeah, I know that 3D stuff is Tiresome and it takes a lot of effort to do! I used SketchUp Basic Version and yet some of the Structures will be seen in my series.Those guys looked Cool, Together At least I've been to The-Swain's Area a lot back then. I used to take road Trips down the Beach very often when I was young so yeah........ Good Luck with Madness day or My sister's 24th Birthday! Yeah, My sister and I was born in the 23rd of Of Odd numbers and Odd years........! she was the one who First introduced me into Newgrounds a long time ago and I searched it in Google Search Engine ahhh the Good times :3 But I was too dumb and young to join back in the early 2000's.


2015-08-07 15:07:59

I love Madness. <3


2015-08-20 16:24:54

Krinkels aunt was my high school counselor.