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Game Progress

Posted by TomFulp - February 5th, 2016

For the past three years I've been working on a console / PC game with @JohnnyUtah. @Spazkid came onboard too and @Oney has been doing music. Expect a ton of familiar NG voice talents when all is said and done.

We've been pretty silent about it because it's a big project and if we show too much too soon, it might feel like an old game by the time it actually comes out. I posted this Vine of it though so I thought I should share it! Turn up your volume because it's quiet (also click the speaker in the bottom right corner to enable Vine audio).

UPDATE: Vine shut down so the Vine content I had posted here is now gone.

At some point we'll do a more official reveal and stop being all secretive. It's gonna be a really neat game. Right now we're getting the other playable characters working so people can try them at Pico Day this May.


Looking good, can't wait to see more

Looks so good! Really polished!

Ayy. Nice, tom

Looking SO nice! I really wish I could make it to Pico Day this year and play this... I have a final scheduled for school that conflicts though... should I throw away my future for this?!

Looks like it's pretty far along!

That could be our marketing slogan, "A game worth throwing away your future for."

It says JohnnyUtah in the top left AND bottom right. Is he the hero and the villain!?
If so, this will be the perfect game!

He's placeholder text. :P

That is awesome Tom! I remember you showing us this two years ago at Pico Day. I'm looking forward to playing this!

I am not a familiar enough voice talent to be invited into your super awesome game :( seriously very excited for real. Despite my passive aggressive opening sentence.

It looks pretty interesting!!

What is it made on? :P

Updated version of Castle Crashers tools, where I work with Flash in AS2 and it ports over and runs as C++.

I don't get how you manage to juggle so many projects / businesses at once WTF

It's not the most ideal scenario now that I'm in the middle of it.

Wish the audio was a little louder but either way it looks cool.

Little teaser once in a blue moon doesn't hurt, something to wet the appetite and show people what adventures you're having behind the curtains.

Looks pretty polished already actually, well, artwise anyway.

Looks awesome!


Nice looking so far and it sounds like the villain says: 'Hey Hugh HefNER!' Right!? Or maybe: 'Hey the new HefNER!' I don't know why but I always hear Hefner.

Looking forward to it :)

Looking good indeed!

console plebs DansGame

I'm actually really excited to see this and how it turns out.

Wow! This has Master Johnny written all over it. Excited to play the finished product. I've played Castle Crashers literally like 70 times in a row. Remember the level up glitches? Hahaha, good times.

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