Entry #173

What are you up to?

2016-12-07 13:09:06 by TomFulp

I need to blog more often but I like keeping this game secret and I don't feel too interesting beyond that. What are YOU up to? What do you hope to get done before 2017?


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2016-12-07 13:15:23

4 new songs.
Yay first comment


2016-12-07 13:35:11

2 new collabs that im working on


2016-12-07 14:10:23

Commissions from three months ago, and stories collabs from seven. Tom, you're a god, right? Slow down time for me, please!


2016-12-07 15:07:55

Been Better.

TomFulp responds:

Hope things get better for you in 2017!


2016-12-07 15:35:10

I'm animating! And I hope to get my animation done before 2017!


2016-12-07 18:31:38

Working on my art improvement. Also working on voice acting. B)


2016-12-07 19:35:16

Not much, trying to get back into animation. I was making something for a film festival I missed the deadline and got kinda bummed out. You were right about the decompiling of streaming sounds issue with flash, not sure why I remembered it differently.


2016-12-07 19:47:13

I've been hard at work reviewing works in the under judgment section. Some of these people got potential!

TomFulp responds:

Thanks for helping with the judgment process! Don't hesitate to vote zero on unfinished works. I've been noticing a lot of really short demos / unfinished animations passing judgment and it kinda irks me. For a while I was thinking of ditching the whole blam system but right now I want to embrace it more because I've been watching every single thing that comes through.


2016-12-07 19:49:28

getting a kiss from Fulp <3


2016-12-07 20:47:52

"This game," you say, with no reference to what this secret game is. Doesn't seem like you want to keep it secret. I'm assuming it's the game that's been your sig for a while now.

TomFulp responds:

Yeah the existence of the game isn't secret but I have a fear of revealing too much of it over the years of development, where when it's finally done it no longer feels fresh.


2016-12-07 21:31:28

I'm here to try to show the potential in using a certain open source thing for the creation of audio/music.
I think I was kind of already told that I could link to a/the website that hosts open source things that I got the software (Dream) from. (the website has "forge" in its name) But, I'm not sure if that applies to commenting on News entries.
I may upload/dump a zip file, soon.


2016-12-07 21:41:24

Congratgulations TomFulp, for reaching more then 20,000 fans!:)


2016-12-07 22:32:05

C'mon Tom just give us a little peeksies won't ya?
Before 2017 i wanna get one last animation done(finished the animatic) and juuust maybe post a short little game I did for a recent game jam.


2016-12-08 00:23:13

Switching colleges, working on some cartoons, and finally getting an album out I've been working on for a year and a half now. Hope everything's awesome, Tom.


2016-12-08 01:12:50

get my and my families health in the right order

TomFulp responds:

Hope that goes well! I hurt my arm over the summer and have been struggling a bit since to keep up my routine.


2016-12-08 08:14:02

Oh hey, a new post! :D Well what am I doing and hoping to do hmm. Hope to get all things I didn't get done last year done this year before the new year is here and there are new things I wish to do! Hesitantly hopeful it may be doable.

Congrats on those 20k fans too!


2016-12-08 09:10:08

struggling at the moment but everything will be ok next year i will start trading Forex and Binary and hope fully i will make enough money to get a place of my own. how are you tom?

TomFulp responds:

I'm ok, just going through a bit of a rough patch with trying to clean up some music issues around the site.


2016-12-08 10:42:18

Studying machine learning while keeping up my boring internship role of being, basically, a DBA

Hey maybe when I'm competent at this I can try and help you develop a better recommendation system for the site or something


2016-12-08 16:30:29

@TomFulp yeah I noticed. I've been voting zero on unfinished (besides betas) or just flat out unplayable works.

TomFulp responds:



2016-12-08 20:36:27

I've been up to celebrating my big 2-1 and hoping that the year 2017 will be better than this year. 2016 was rough at times.


2016-12-09 00:27:09

I finished a sculpture of a castle grayskul to 9 inch scale and the minifugures before the year ended so now i wanna finish my comicbook which I have delayed since 2013 and a few other paintings.
Hope to see the game yer working on,


2016-12-09 13:42:49

Madness collab! :/ *cough* *cough*


2016-12-09 13:47:16

WeII , a Madness coIIab


2016-12-09 21:36:56

In 2017 I plan on actually finishing cartoons and actually contributing to this site.


2016-12-10 04:22:51

Hopefully I will get 2 Dubstep tracks released by the 24th of December, just still making my tracks sound better and stuff. I think them will be my last tracks on the site for a bit until I get a new nickname and have a better start, etc.


2016-12-10 15:07:14

Working on a game for pixel day 2017 :)


2016-12-10 18:34:11

Trying to learn new things, such as python language and using copic markers...


2016-12-10 19:07:57

Excited to hear about your new game! I been just working on our URealms Live show show mostly this year. Our season finale is this coming Saturday on the 17th and we made a cool animation/motion comic for the ending!.

Here is a frame from it. It's coming out pretty cool!


Next year we are planning on taking URealms Live, which is a fun D&D style show for others reading, and turning all the campaigns we have done so far into motion comic/animations. When we start releasing episodes I plan on releasing them here on Newgrounds as well. I'm also still hoping to push to get episodes of Coe's Quest done, but we been having trouble with scheduling and the animation budget.

Excited for your new game. I played the crap out of Castle Crashers and Battle Blocks!

TomFulp responds:

Looking forward to the episodes! Speaking of live D&D style, has anyone ever done anything where a live person is the Dungeon Master but hundreds or thousands of people can play along? It would be really cool if there could be a system that accommodates thousands of players... For example it could be multiple armies battling and each individual may have their own random events happening but the live Dungeon Master would still be describing the broad overview and introducing new challenges into the game system, real-time...


2016-12-10 21:11:33

My only big goal before 2017 is to get all of my software on my new computer setup so that I'll be good to go for next year. I am hoping I can still use my Flash 8 software, but I fear I'll have to use Adobe Cloud and I have heard awful things about it. I just want to animate, dang it. :'(

Other than that I'm happy, healthy, and can't complain. I have a new job I really love at a public access tv station. Can't wait for your new game, Tom! Thanks so much for everything you do for this website and us peeps.


2016-12-11 04:26:31

make pico 2 already


2016-12-12 22:33:22

Currently? Well, got a lot more music side projects -- a few of which may be finished before 2017 and most of which will probably be forgotten about until I rediscover them like 7 months later, like most of the content for my upcoming album. Man, some of those projects are a decade old now, begging for attention.

I got a new (cheapo) Nady mic off some Walmart giftcard money and change I had laying around from last year, most of which was scrounged from under vending machines, but with some noise cancellation and normalizing, it doesn't sound too bad, only the barest bit of hum, which is nonexistent with good input. May start up a demo reel for voice acting, or just fiddle and do some spoken word poetry, or a couple of scripts I have from old plays I wrote back in high school. There are two old tracks I intend to revisit now that I've got better equipment, now that I think about it.

Oh, and I'm writing a novel, doing a portrait of Jukka Nevalainen, and going on a 9 hour drive to Arkansas in about 6 hours. Lots of fun stuff now that it's Christmas break and I seem to have kicked my depression in the ass (knock on wood).

The only thing really getting on my nerves so far is a combination of constantly finding more stolen crap in the AP that needs reporting (and the subsequent AP cleanup thread backlog) and the fact my mom hasn't been home in over two months. She's shacked up with a rich old dude, which sort of leaves me stranded, since I can't drive. When I'm not bumming rides to do odd jobs or play Pokemon Go with a side of pep-talks-your-friend-needs-to-hear, I'm working from home or fiddling with those other side projects I mentioned. It's been a pretty good year so far, minus my dad passing. If not for that, I'd be running a computer repair shop.


2016-12-12 22:43:53

Oh, a few more NG related things I forgot to mention (damn lack of edit buttons and sleep) -- trying to put more time into the portals, finishing up audio review requests I have from the past year, keeping a better eye on the UJ, and watching the audio portal like a hawk.

I'm noticing a lot more unfinished betas and alphas slipping through UJ and stolen audio getting scouted, and it also seems people are reviewing less. Stolen and rule breaking flash seems to be well handled over in the EGB, no small thanks to active mods and helpful tipsters, but a lot of illegitimate audio is getting scouted via people begging scouts in reviews or using other means to dupe people into getting their pirated crap out there. Perhaps my biggest goal is to help stop that happening, as it's a huge threat to our community.

The review bit? Well, who doesn't love more reviews? I'm seeing a shortage of them lately in comparison to earlier years, and really, reviews were a lot of what motivated me to improve my work. Why not share the love?

TomFulp responds:

Keeping infringing content off the site is gonna be a big theme in 2017. Excited for the project system to move over to the new layout, so we can keep progressing with trying to tighten up the initial notifications and follow-up enforcement. We definitely need to expand the base of users who are committed to keeping liabilities off NG, in both incoming and existing projects. Will have to keep finding ways to make that a more interesting / rewarding effort, as well as more ways to encourage reviews.


2016-12-13 13:18:54

Puns, puns, puns, puns, puns, etc. Also some art. I have to make my other OC, his and her facial expressions, Christmas cards, a Christmas drawing for newgrounds, more drawings, a Happy new years drawing for newgrounds, puns and a whole lot more art for newgrounds (yeah, I think you get the point now. Also I'm working on some pranks like this:



2016-12-14 02:27:32

That's exciting to hear. I've been browsing NG since childhood, and it's a dear thing to me. I guess that kinda means you're my hero. Stolen, not-mine, copyrighted, spam, etc. material slipping through the cracks threatens not only NG but threatens you -- with loss of traffic and profit and legal action. Putting a stop to that crap is a big motivator for me, and it means a potentially brighter future for us all -- for the real content to get noticed.

It's a shame how inundated our servers are with stolen audio. The mods can hardly keep up. @NekoMika and the others often have to mop up batches of 400+ in the AP cleanup thread at a time, some of them years old and even scouted, having begged for scouts from unsuspecting users in reviews to get their songs online. Apparently the blatant message to GD players not to upload songs they didn't create, regardless of copyright even, doesn't deter people from stealing music, impersonating popular artists. Some who have come to NG due to popular demand still have their (yet unsubmitted) songs stolen, and when those illicit submissions get removed, the submitter often whines "Robtop should have partnered with SoundCloud. NG are pricks! Hurry up and scout me, guys!" It really highlights how ungrateful, ignorant, and self-serving the smartphone culture (GD players) can be, and the lack of netiquette of thieves in general. There was a point in time I was so discouraged from writing reviews after finding out I'd reviewed a couple stolen songs in a row from an impostor account. It's just ridiculous and infuriating, especially for those of us that work hard and are legit. I can't say I never knew how they felt or thought it wasn't a huge deal at first, but it didn't take long to wise up. I feel like we need to raise awareness, like digital cancer or something, haha.

I have a question. Is it possible to introduce a couple changes to the flagging system -- i.e., a certain (perhaps undisclosed, like the whistle level requirements) number of people flagging a submission as stolen or copyrighted disables downloads and/or makes it behave as if it were submitted by an unscouted person, while also stamping it for review by mods as normal? Perhaps if several of the songs are flagged from the same submitter, the account itself (and possibly the IP) could be flagged for review. Many thieves are repeat offenders, and the whistle system already works on good faith. Higher whistle levels could mean more weight pull here. Of course, this would be open for abuse if someone just didn't like you, but same goes for all of our other systems.

Hell, maybe an appeal system would be nice; abusers lose the privs, and that's that. Mostly, I think there needs to be an update of the categorizations to reflect our new copyright policy -- flag as Spam, Copyrighted material, and Stolen. I don't know if there's a bot that ranks flagged submissions in order of number of flags, categorization, etc., but giving highest priority to the greatest risks, such as copyright, would likely help immensely.

There's innumerable things I think about, wondering how to combat illegitimate content. I know you've probably heard most of them before. Has anyone publicly announced (or is it anywhere in the new AP TOS) just how futile it is for GD users and thieves in general to submit songs and beg for scouts now that we've mostly caught on?

TomFulp responds:

We're adding a flag for games and movies that appear to have unlicensed audio, so I've been planning a more formal post once that is in place. For the Audio Portal, making a post about it would likely fall on deaf ears - the GD abuse crowd doesn't seem to really be in touch with the site at all.

It gets half tempting to require supporter status before you can upload music, which would upset a ton of people but could also make things run much more smoothly AND improve NG's chances of sticking around long-term. Curious what would happen if we did that - could grandfather in existing artists who have been scouted.


2016-12-14 14:50:10

3 madness collabs before the year ends. I have some work to do...


2016-12-15 05:37:40

I go through phases every few months of aggressively monitoring the portal so I'm spending a depressing amount of time just collecting blams and saves right now. 2017 might be the year I finally upload something, I've been inspired by Deathink's recent games.

Also went from a bronze whistle to a gold one in less than two months, so all those audio thieves are good for something after all ayy

Would it be too aggressive to have a fee for uploading audio? Like a dollar or even less per song could be enough to deter the geometry dash uploaders who just throw out a few songs and leave.

TomFulp responds:

It gets REALLY tempting to require at least a history of supporter status before you can upload audio - if we did that, scouted artists would be grandfathered and new artists would have to pay at least $3 for one month of supporter status. This would be pretty drastic and should only be done if we feel the ongoing abuse is too overwhelming - we're still working on updates to try and reduce the amount of abuse.


2016-12-15 20:55:23

You're right there. Most of the GD abusers and indeed newer users in general seem totally out of touch, unconcerned with rules, unaware of how scouting works or how the mods catch them breaking rules/unpublish stuff, or why we have to; indeed a few I've explained this to didn't seem sorry, but they did understand and stop. Announcing may help motivate other users to help look for stolen/malicious/copyright submissions. Otherwise it'd probably be a waste of breath.

I would be sad to see the day that you had to be a supporter to submit, mostly because I don't have even 3 dollars in paypal money, and I don't yet have a bank account. I have 67 cents to my digital name. I'm sure there are a lot of people like me who never would be able to submit their stuff that way. If we have to do it to stem abuse, we have to do it, of course. I just can't help but think there must be a better way.

I can recall back when I joined the AP, your first submission had to be approved -- at least I think -- by a mod. It must have been a heavy workload back in the day, but that entrance exam of sorts prevented a lot of fraud.


2016-12-16 12:32:03

Trying to make another game before i turn 17.
It's just some stupid goal i've set up for myself that i think i should accomplish.


2016-12-16 15:53:40

I want to attempt an animation, but I will probably die off before I can actually complete it.


2016-12-17 00:46:44

Im gonna send u a link to my game, plz check it out? idk???


2016-12-17 09:42:07

I hope to help at least 2 or 3 people in the forums lmao.


2016-12-20 10:10:17

Oh, congratulations on 20K fans! I totally missed it :'D


2016-12-20 10:13:28

Oh, and as for what I intend to get done before the end of 2016... I've just finished composing my best, longest and most complex piano composition of the year, so once I am able to play it as flawlessly as possible, I want to record it, and upload it to NG!
We shall see what becomes of that.


2016-12-21 09:59:44

> has anyone ever done anything where a live person is the Dungeon Master but hundreds or thousands of people can play along?

Funny you should say that. It's something I been messing with. Have you seen microsofts new streaming platform they bought out called Beam? http://beam.pro

It has a full API for programing on screen commands ala twitchplayspokemon style so users can send inputs on the stream page. I plan to mess around with it in the offseason and see if it's something I can do with fans. The biggest problem with twitch.tv or youtube for streaming something like this is delay. If you have even a 15 second delay, everything is SUPER slow because you have to have vote time and ideally you want a short vote time (maybe 15 seconds) and near instant delay so that games can be played quickly.


2016-12-21 15:10:01

Got a job in software development... Want to start on some personal projects, and perhaps tinker around with a game or some open source projects. I like my job and the people I work for, but I really want to break into the video game industry.


2016-12-22 18:39:42

loading, priming, and firing- uzi

also my research paper and history presentation on nuclear fission and fusion research.



2016-12-23 15:47:15

Merry Christmas Tom. It's been an eventful year. Sadly lost my Dad in February and my mum got Pneumonia in March. I had a pulmory embolism scare again and my poor sister has to have injections in her back and neck all the time. Apart from that it has been a creative end of the year and managed to finish my new album "Good Morning Universe" if you like electronica like i think you do have a listen to it and tell me what you think. I owe you a lot and I will become a supporter in the new year of the site. Wishing you all the best and have a Happy New Year too buddy.

TomFulp responds:

Man you have definitely had a rough year but nice to hear you've been having a creative run. I just listened to Drifting Satellite and I love it, it's the exact sort of thing I'd like to program to. Are your recent uploads the songs that appear on Good Morning Universe?


2016-12-23 20:01:34

I get to work from home the rest of the year so that means I'll mostly be animating on my PC while I jiggle around the mouse on my work laptop every once in a while so it looks like I'm still available on Skype. Just don't tell my boss ;)

Gotta build up a bit of a buffer for Crypt Shyfter going into the new year- 52 episodes in 2017 is going to be a nice little challenge!


2016-12-23 20:55:16

Go punch yourself out Tom. I know you can do it! You need to have that medal.


2016-12-27 22:21:52

youre game was awesome