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PewDiePie plays The Room Game

Posted by TomFulp - March 11th, 2017

So PewDiePie just released a one hour video where he plays our game about The Room.


I made this game in 2010 with @JohnnyUtah and @Oney. I love that people are still enjoying it.

If you haven't already, check out The Room.

I also recommend reading The Disaster Artist, about the making of The Room.

There's also a documentary, Room Full of Spoons! They interviewed me about the game.

James Franco is making a feature film adaptation of The Disaster Artist, so more fun is up ahead.


Comments (18)

Congrats! :D

This is cool as heck. I just rewatched The Room recently because of pewdiepie bringing it up, cool to see him bringing people to the game as well. Been excited for the Disaster Artist film since it was announced too.

This game was awesome, glad to see someone as famous as him played it.

has it been about 7 years already? Dang. It doesn't feel like that long. That's awesome. I wish he would talk about newgrounds in the beginning but at least he linked to the game. Hopefully this helps. Recently GameGrumps played an NG game, I'm hoping more youtubers give more NG games a chance! It's awesome.

Tbh, I wish I could talk music with Oney one of these days, he makes some nice stuff. Met him last year, swell guy. Now if only I could complete Zero Hour...gahhhh. Grats man :)

This is awesome! Glad to see it getting more exposure!

No way, that's awesome, great exposure! :D:D:D

I played the game before I seen the movie. I remember the emotional resonation of the game being so strong and thinking "this is what, as a kid, I thought video games would be like in the future". I guess that resonation was in the movie too, but it's harder to notice with all the bad acting haha.

It really does make for a unique video game story / experience.

Nicely Done! xD

Damn, that's awesome. Was cool seeing Felix read out the credits too. "I KNOW WHO THAT IS" :D

I remember when It first came out. It was in the front page, the scene of the fight between Mark and Johnny against Chris R. Man, are those good memories. PewDiePie playing it feels like millions of people watching a small but pretty part of my childhood.

Crazy to think The Room game is so old that it's a childhood memory for people. Thanks for enjoying!

First thing that came to my mind was you :)

@tomfulp tomfulp tom tom fulp

damn it didnt say sun god

there's a thing going on reddit called place where people are making art on giant canvas maybe the people on NG can come together to create the logo? don't know how long this thing will last though.

The Room as a meme is old internet history at this point, but it's super cool to see the game getting attention to this day.

you're lucky :D

That's awesome. :) Should probably watch that movie some day...

Vinny from vinesauce also played the room (and having tommyemote haha)