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This is challenging but I love the tenacity of these critters and their will to propagate and advance the species forward. Great single button mechanic!

bokononyossarian responds:

Thank you for the kind words and thank you for playing, Tom!

This is nuts, you come up with some of the greatest original mechanics! Love how the music interacts with the gameplay, too. Side note: I discovered this game via the song in the Audio Portal before discovering it in my feed or the games section!

devdwarf responds:

Thank you Tom! Happy to finally be using your site!

ConnorGrail responds:

a victory for audio portal advertising! But seriously, thank you for the kind words, we are happy to hear that you liked the game!

This game is loaded with charm, with lots of witty dialog and characters, along with expansive levels full of fun mechanics. I like the extra touches like crediting the music as each new song plays. What's especially impressive is how well this runs on my old home computer, which struggles to run most modern web games. Great fun all around and has a lot of heart!

There's some really cool stuff going on here and I do worry a lot of people won't appreciate it because the first stretch is really punishing. Something that might help is if the spike collision is reduced a bit - I found myself regularly sliding up against the far edge of spikes and taking damage that felt unfair. I have a feeling a lot will change once I get to the shop and upgrade but so far I haven't made it there! I'm getting closer, I hope.

Another thought - would it mess with your mechanics too much if the player could cancel out of a dash with a jump? Doing things like dashing into drop-offs I would have jumped over is another doozy.

pixelrogueart responds:

Woow, thank you Tom, you're a legend!

I agree with you, I plan on making a new map and adding a learning curve, I completely failed on making a good one ­čĄú. About cancelling the dash: Good call, that didn't cross my mind at all, won't mess with the mechanics, I'll most definitely do that.

Besides that, the fact that you liked it made my day! Thanks for taking time to leave a feedback, I work on those things ;).

The visuals are great and so much is working well! Some things I noted is that the camera doesn't keep the player in the center of the screen, so you end up being close to the right edge as you move forward, increasing the likelihood of getting hurt by enemies. The sword collision or enemy hit box also appears to be small, where my sword can visually hit an enemy without hurting it. Once you get to the instakill spikes it would be handy to have a checkpoint so you can respawn at that area.

shaux responds:

I appreciate the constructive criticism... thanks for letting me know of those bugs.

I love it! Everything about this is really strong and it's especially impressive having been made for a 48 hour jam. I love the characters, mechanics and level layouts.

One thing I would note in the commentary is to hold the jump button down when going for high jumps - people who release jump before doing the air punch combo to jump higher might get confused when they can't jump high enough; it took me a minute to figure out. The rest was super clear and lots of fun!

I love seeing games with so much bold personality here on NG!

Jack responds:

Thank you so much! I'm really happy to hear that you liked our game, we'll definitely be continuing to upload our future projects to NG :)

This game is full of surprises, it's a total joyride!

gatod responds:

¡Muchas gracias! :D We're really glad you liked it.

Great game feel all the way through, satisfying ending, too!

I love the overall aesthetic and this all feels really solid. I was wondering if there was any upside to using the mouse to shoot vs pressing a key... I could see adding movement support with the arrow keys and shooting support with Z or J, so users could choose based on whether they are right or left handed (and still have the option to move with WASD).

Most of all, death is very finite and it I wasn't sure how much more was ahead or if it was an endless runner with more and more enemies. If there was an option to save upgrades and restart stronger each time, I would get ULTRA hooked on playing this... Although I'm a grinding / upgrade-obsessed sort of player which isn't for everyone. The idea of this tank unloading massive firepower is really exciting, though and it would be cool to track a high score for distance covered.

Cloud-yo responds:

Hey! thanks so much! Those are all great suggestions. Right now its just an endless amount of enemies spawning with no real purpose. the plan is to change that and make it a little more organized. I dont mind it becoming somewhat of a bullet-hell but its not meant to be. Eventually I would like to add a boss to fight after certain conditions are met (number of aliens killed or something) but Im still working it out.

The reason I used the mouse button was in preparation for controller support. Since its made in unity some of the buttons overlap and I was hoping to be able to give the ability to use a controller instead of the keyboard.

thanks so much for taking the time :D

This is such a novel concept and a lot of fun! I could imagine a boxy humanoid character replacing the square and they could do power moves like a giant punch when they break through the barrier. The existing feel of everything is already great regardless, though!

Prox276 responds:

Thank you very much! :D

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