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This is so much fun! Moves like the running punch and backfist feel so darn satisfying to connect with. I also love stomping guys into a pile of bones and kicking guys into the edge of the screen. One of my favorite brawlers ever!

FuturecopLGF responds:

The man himself! I'm honored! Been inspired by Newgrounds brawlers for a long time, way back in my formative years: Portal Defenders, Castle Crashers, Disorderly, Dad n' Me, Abobo, the list goes on and on! Glad it has found a home here; feels like I'm finally paying it back.

Glad to hear about the game feel: it was a lotta work to reengineer the game to have hitstop and splats from my early builds. But that feel it gives those big punches and kicks makes it sound like it was worth it!

Possibly the most cruel game ever made. I've never loved and hated a concept so much before.

VascoF responds:

Hahaha. Thanks for the comment Tom, glad you loved/hated it! :D

The timer requirements can feel unforgiving early on but it does force you to up your game and get on the level of what is expected.

The mechanic is really fresh and unique and I feel cool when I'm moving fast through a level!

Yaro11111 responds:

Thanks a lot! That’s exactly what I was going for!

I wasn't sure how to make the beginning experience better. It takes some time to intuitively understand controls, and bruteforcing through early levels is possible. The time limit seemed like the best way to hint at the way it should be played, without making longer explicit tutorial. Maybe adding more basic levels(like 1-1) with progressively faster times would solve it, but then again it might get boring.

This game is making my brain work in strange new ways and I love it. It's nuts that you made this in 48 hours!

Taldius responds:

Thank you very much! Yeah I didn't sleep a lot during this 48h haha ...

Great concept and I especially like the transition animation effect when you shift between modes!

dietzribi responds:

I'm going to print and frame this comment

I love the physics of the web and just flinging yourself around. There's something really zen-like about it all.

bridgs responds:

Aww thanks Tom <3

Visuals and music are fun and while the super fast and high jump caught me off-guard, I like that too! Maybe the falling could be slower, though? Otherwise it's really hard to avoid landing on spikes and other off-screen hazards.

teampow1234 responds:

Thanks for the feedback/review!

The high/fast jumping/falling issue noted. :)

When the game was made we weren't sure would it be too high/fast or would it be too easy if the jumping speed/height would be lower.

The spikes in the first level were thought to be a bit tough first challenge too, but we thought there might be tons of people with "golden jumping fingertips" playing the game, so we didn't want to make it too easy from start, but wait for feedback from people playing.

Good to get feedback so we know to tune down the speed to make it more playable :).

+ Good to hear high jump is appreciated :D! I personally like it a lot, because you need to learn to be quite precise when jumping. Our own game killed me many times when I playtested it, so I had to spend some time with it before I got to the right side of my own high jumping.

I didn't experience any slowdown or lag in the controls and I'm on a computer that's over ten years old so not sure if some of the issues people have had are browser-specific or what. I really like the concept you have going here! The random battles were starting to feel repetitive but the tree boss shook things up. A few more enemies in the random battles would definitely jazz the rest of the game up. Great work!

Primajin responds:

Thanks, man - Yeah I had wanted to add a few more patterns and enemies but I ran out of time working on the two bosses. I'll have to get working on an update! :)
*Edit - Just noticed the deadline got extended so I've added new enemies and new patterns!

You're off to a promising start! There was one star under a ledge that I was having a hard time getting to and it was becoming cumbersome to keep circling around to attempt for it... So not sure how much more is past the first door, although that fireball in the thumbnail looks cool.

This appears to be made with GameMaker and I'm wondering if it's running as fast as it can in my browser or if it could run smoother. You could try setting the room_speed to 60 and see if that makes a difference in the browser.

Sound effects and music would of course be great, the first three sounds I would plug in would be the jump, the stomp of an enemy and the collection of a star. When you land on an enemy, it would be great to see their face turn sad and give them a quick squashing animation.

yosri3 responds:

Thank you very much for the feedback! i appreciate it.

Since this is a prototype i made sure both levels were accessible so you can actually start level 2(which has the fireball from the thumbnail).

The comments about the sounds , animation were already in my todo list. About the room_speed thanks for letting me know about this since i didnt know it was a problem for other people (because the game runs fine for me) so i'll see what i can do about that!

This is so darn impressive for 72 hours, let alone any amount of time. I love the Gunstar Heroes vibes and I'm liking the difficulty curve so far, I'm at that boss who reaches his arms up from underwater. All the weapons have been a lot of fun too!

SinclairStrange responds:

Thanks! I wish I had a bit more time to polish up and balance some stuff out to be honest, I started to crash towards the end. Can't beat a bit of Gunstar Heroes! Never know I might continue with it and upload a more finished version in a later date :D. Glad ye enjoying it!

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