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Great game feel all the way through, satisfying ending, too!

I love the overall aesthetic and this all feels really solid. I was wondering if there was any upside to using the mouse to shoot vs pressing a key... I could see adding movement support with the arrow keys and shooting support with Z or J, so users could choose based on whether they are right or left handed (and still have the option to move with WASD).

Most of all, death is very finite and it I wasn't sure how much more was ahead or if it was an endless runner with more and more enemies. If there was an option to save upgrades and restart stronger each time, I would get ULTRA hooked on playing this... Although I'm a grinding / upgrade-obsessed sort of player which isn't for everyone. The idea of this tank unloading massive firepower is really exciting, though and it would be cool to track a high score for distance covered.

Cloud-yo responds:

Hey! thanks so much! Those are all great suggestions. Right now its just an endless amount of enemies spawning with no real purpose. the plan is to change that and make it a little more organized. I dont mind it becoming somewhat of a bullet-hell but its not meant to be. Eventually I would like to add a boss to fight after certain conditions are met (number of aliens killed or something) but Im still working it out.

The reason I used the mouse button was in preparation for controller support. Since its made in unity some of the buttons overlap and I was hoping to be able to give the ability to use a controller instead of the keyboard.

thanks so much for taking the time :D

This is such a novel concept and a lot of fun! I could imagine a boxy humanoid character replacing the square and they could do power moves like a giant punch when they break through the barrier. The existing feel of everything is already great regardless, though!

Prox276 responds:

Thank you very much! :D

What a delightful and satisfying game! Great work all around.

nyunesu responds:

Thank you tom!
It's an honor to read that from you (:

This is so much fun! Moves like the running punch and backfist feel so darn satisfying to connect with. I also love stomping guys into a pile of bones and kicking guys into the edge of the screen. One of my favorite brawlers ever!

FuturecopLGF responds:

The man himself! I'm honored! Been inspired by Newgrounds brawlers for a long time, way back in my formative years: Portal Defenders, Castle Crashers, Disorderly, Dad n' Me, Abobo, the list goes on and on! Glad it has found a home here; feels like I'm finally paying it back.

Glad to hear about the game feel: it was a lotta work to reengineer the game to have hitstop and splats from my early builds. But that feel it gives those big punches and kicks makes it sound like it was worth it!

Possibly the most cruel game ever made. I've never loved and hated a concept so much before.

VascoF responds:

Hahaha. Thanks for the comment Tom, glad you loved/hated it! :D

The timer requirements can feel unforgiving early on but it does force you to up your game and get on the level of what is expected.

The mechanic is really fresh and unique and I feel cool when I'm moving fast through a level!

Yaro11111 responds:

Thanks a lot! That’s exactly what I was going for!

I wasn't sure how to make the beginning experience better. It takes some time to intuitively understand controls, and bruteforcing through early levels is possible. The time limit seemed like the best way to hint at the way it should be played, without making longer explicit tutorial. Maybe adding more basic levels(like 1-1) with progressively faster times would solve it, but then again it might get boring.

This game is making my brain work in strange new ways and I love it. It's nuts that you made this in 48 hours!

Taldius responds:

Thank you very much! Yeah I didn't sleep a lot during this 48h haha ...

Great concept and I especially like the transition animation effect when you shift between modes!

dietzribi responds:

I'm going to print and frame this comment

I love the physics of the web and just flinging yourself around. There's something really zen-like about it all.

bridgs responds:

Aww thanks Tom <3

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