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Hi there! In case you didn't know, I created newgrounds. No, it wasn't made by some giant company - just some dumb kid who now has help. I also co-founded the Behemoth; we made Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. Icon by JohnnyUtah, banner by Pego

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FUCK YOUTUBE. Seriously lets make Newgrounds an island, a beacon of hope amid the festering ocean of garbage that is the rest of the word wide web.

hey tom my friend says hes friends with you lol and he just knew about NG

Who is he?

haha gotta say - - that color blunder REALLY seems intentional

YouTube is trolling you, bro.

45,000 subscribers and rejected for partner status, that's all I gotta say.

newgrounds grandest rival youtube....Itz on now...

I'd say this is flattery for Newgrounds seeing how youtube sees Newgrounds as threat.

Youtube is turning into internet nazis I swear they are.

I have plenty of issues with YouTube. This is just another reminder that I am not the only one who's been given the middle-finger by their often random and arbitrary execution of rules.

its ok tom someone uploaded porn onto youtube..you got your payback! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I honestly think the youtube community flags it, but that's just me. :x It took them a few years to put an age-restrict on one of my videos.

YouTube can die in a fucking fire. It's an inconsistent piece of shit and this only adds to my argument. At least it wasn't some false flagging bullshit.

It's because google+ gets a huge visible pants boner when looking at newgrounds.

Totally understandable.

Oh yeah I forgot about that boner part. Maybe it was just his banana phone going off though.

I noticed the thumbnail screen two days ago, and it did seem weird to me. I thought it was actually like that in the flash until I saw it again.

It's probably because of the whole 'killing youtube' thing.

Newgrounds is better than Youtube in just about every aspect.

Even in porn.

youtube admins probably cried when they saw their site portrayed as annoying or something.

YouTube is just jelly, also they might have been offended by the way youtube is showed in the flash, fucking bitches.
Newgrounds > YouTube!

It's obvious that Youtube has you on some sort of blacklist, but why? They embrace Machinima and they're more of a direct competitor than you are, so why they try to fuck you over, it make no sense.

Man, fuck Youtube. It seems that Youtube has slowly turned itself into corporation that has profit-driven capitalist interests. YouTube is not a explicitly a creative content showcasing website like Newgrounds is so I wouldn't be surprised if YouTube was threaten by that. The quality of videos on YouTube's front page has never been up to par with the conent found on our frontpage and it never will. Even if we look at the contribution made by spammers of YouTube versus the contributions made spammers of Newgrounds, we COULD STILL SAY THAT NEWGROUNDS PROVIDE BETTER CREATIVE CONTENT.

Your particular circumstance, with the rejection of partner status, the age restriction ordeal, and the inability age restriction does seem rather absurd but, let's hold back on drawing harsh conclusions of whether or not YouTube is anti-Newgrounds. Perhaps, they want the artist themselves to submit their own work with their own account?? Idk. I haven't applied an account to YouTube HQ to know what the process of obtaining a partner status is like. Did you receive an e-mail back from YouTube explaining why the account was rejected?? It seems ridiculous that that they would reject Newgrounds when they allow 16-year old bloggers with only 4k subscribers partner status.

I would theorize they want people submitting content on their own personal channels but that isn't how it's been working so far on YouTube. Companies like Machinima have been mining content from Newgrounds for years now and they are YouTube's biggest channel.

One thing that has been making me nervous is that some large channels are now pulling people into exclusive agreements, where for no money up front, you put your content exclusively on their channel for a chance to score some ad revenue. It lets YouTube avoid the dirty work of competing with NG directly - they can just allow partner channels to do all the wheelings and dealings for them. A majority of the content on our channel was sponsored for money up front and we would also provide ad revenue - IF we weren't rejected for partnership.

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