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Hi there! In case you didn't know, I created newgrounds. No, it wasn't made by some giant company - just some dumb kid who now has help. I also co-founded the Behemoth; we made Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. Icon by JohnnyUtah, banner by Pego

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I didn't see it

You should contact Mark Zuckerberg so people have to pay like $10 to personally message your FB account, that's how you'll get the real profit.

http://pinoytoons.newgrounds.com/ I sent him a small donation. Turns out, he builds computer kiosks, has a little machine to take money, says he's been doing good and looking to expand, so he can animate more. Yankee spirit dude... can't knock a homies' hustle yo.

As for that kind of advertising... who knows? Personally, I'd like to fire the producer of CC show Triptank out of a cannon, and run the show a little more tastefully. Lloyd available? Seems a few of our animators have gotten into that show, and sensed tight assholes at 'artistic work'... I (personally) know variety shows are hard to segue and shit, but as it is, it blows |:

Man, those were some well spent 199.98$

Damned Philippine robots! >:(

Yeah, this is a real issue I have run into at work a number of times for different clients. People seem to know it doesn't work but still insist on giving facebook all their money in the assumption that if they pay even MORE money they will get MORE legitimate clicks from it. Social media presence is so integral now, and even tho its becoming more and more useless due to issues like this, most companies still feel the need to have a facebook page and to pay for views. Its a sad situation, and one I fear will keep getting worse as advertisers smell easy free money.

Basically FB likes mean almost nothing...

It's a crazy world.

I've noticed the same thing. I only just opened a facebook account to start promoting my book last month, and I tried promoting some posts. On the one hand, the numbers looked good. Lots of likes on a post, but when you dig down through the metrics you start to see that the majority of the likes are bullshit. It's sad, really. If an actual set of eyes doesn't land on your ad, it's a fraud and a waste of money. I've thought about trying to advertise on reddit instead. Any thoughts on that?

I would think Reddit would get you in front of more humans... And you could probably target a good subreddit so you are getting in front of the right people.

Does this mean eventually Facebook will be facing some sort of class action lawsuit? How are they able to get away with this?

It's a damn good question... Like not many things in my life have felt like such blatant robbery.


About $300 - $500 per week. It depends on the number of posts. This is about how much a post-grad earns fresh out of college.

Any idea how many posts one of these guys makes per day, and do they do it across lots of sites or do individual people specialize in individual sites?

Do the same people make the accounts, or is there one group that generates and validates user accounts, then the other group logs in to those accounts to post?

To think that people from the Philippines acknowledges Newgrounds to begin with.
I felt like I'm the only Filipino (besides PinoyToons) on here.

I would like to see the differ though.

Facebook is fake and gay.

Hah, wow...blatant fraud and thievery...
I never realized FaceBook was this corrupt. Genius, but corrupt. Mark Fuckerberg just wants everyone to throw their money at him...


Since the person I know earns $5 per post then I'd say that one can make about 60-100 posts in a day. Hell that's a lot. I'd say that each person works on several sites but I'm not completely sure about that. I don't know how each writer acquires his or her accounts.

$5 per post sounds like damn good pay, I can't imagine most posts even being worth a penny... The whole economy of it doesn't make much sense to me.

Meh, at this rate I wonder what the effectiveness of more traditional methods of advertising would be versus whats on the internet (IE: billboards and other physical-medium things that at least guarantee actual eyeballs looking at it).

A quick search shows the price ranges from $750-3000+ though... so still quite risky to do unless a solid ROI is expected. I'm pulling a blank right now on other alternatives.

I reached my like limit yet I always got the same few pages in my feed over and over. and most started posting the same garbage ad virus website links. to the point I unfollowed everything.

what.. the actual fuck..


I'd like to hope some percentage of internet activity from the Philippines, is legit civilian traffic. As an adult, it's hard for me to find a good place to put an NG sticker down (technically, it's vandalism).

I still think the business cards are a good way to go; sending them to the folks who get NG ad-rev checks, means there's a vested interest in someone getting more people on the site.

Did you get all 4 comic books yet? Have to ask, I've had problems ordering online in the past...

Yup, the last two came Friday so all four have arrived! Now I gotta take them home and do some bedtime reading!

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