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Alien Hominid Speedrun & My Cat Charlie

2017-11-22 15:51:03 by TomFulp

@SushiGummy is a committed Alien Hominid speed runner and he recently broke his record. It's a fun watch, especially if you've never seen all of Alien Hominid!

In semi-related news, this past weekend my cat Charlie died. :(

Charlie made an appearance in Alien Hominid as part of the Norman boss battle, around the 38 minute mark.


This cameo was inspired by Charlie regularly sleeping on top of @DanPaladin's monitor while we were working. This was 2003, before flat screen monitors, so there was lots of room for a cat to lay around and it was warm.

I actually have a photo of Charlie sleeping on Dan's monitor but I can't find it anywhere on my computer, I think it's an actual physical photograph because all my digital pictures start right after Alien Hominid was finished. I hope to find it and update this post but here's an alternate pic for now:


My other cat Sherbert was more well-known around here because he was the face of Cat Dynamics and made appearances on NG during the college webcam days. Charlie was my favorite, though. I've had him since I was finishing up at Drexel and he's been through a lot with me. He was the best cat.


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2017-11-22 16:04:43

I already said it once, but I'll say it again. I'm so sorry about Charlie.
It's even harder when a cat has been with you through so much. It's definitely like losing a member of your family.
You know the other day, my alarm company called me while I was at work, and I was freaking out that someone broke into my house.
My very first thought, had NOTHING to do with damage, my belongings, or everything I have worked hard for being taken from me.
My first thought was, if someone broke in, my cat might get out. What if they hurt my cat just for the hell of it? I hope he runs and hides.
Tl;dr, cats are special


2017-11-22 16:05:49

rest in peace Charlie


2017-11-22 16:11:12

wow, someone speedruns alien hominid? that's so cool!

and R.I.P. charlie :(


2017-11-22 16:18:44

Give us the sequel Tom :) I'll help program the damn thing!

TomFulp responds:

I gotta finish Nightmare Cops! If you like AH you'll probably like NC, though. Also happy to see someone else enjoying Good Morning Shut Up :)


2017-11-22 16:36:01

Alien Hominid and Newgrounds website was part of my childhood in general.
Sad to see both cats rest in peace... Wherever they be their souls will remain in a safe place.


2017-11-22 16:56:05

aww im sorry to hear that man :( I lost my cat Simon a couple years back and had him since 2004 till that point, I still miss him. Hang in there man.


2017-11-22 17:12:53

Damn dude. Sorry about your cat. I was sad when my pet rat died recently but damn you had that cat a long time.


2017-11-22 18:12:28

My sincerest condolences on your family's loss. This was drawn by a friend here (who has since deleted all her old work) to commemorate my kitten's loss of life... she got the spot on the wrong side, or did she? https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/65fe470ae517c65ff05bdec04d42e305

Oddly enough, the mother to that cat was fixed last time I attended a Pico Day. She went missing for 13 months.. only to turn up on my doorstep 2 days ago. A racing partner on Discord also reported his neighbors cat had returned after being AWOL for over a year. IDK, just thought I'd throw that out there

TomFulp responds:

When one cat exits, another one enters. That pic does look pretty close to his likeness!


2017-11-22 18:48:53

Sorry for your loss Tom :(


2017-11-22 21:01:53

I got a cat named Charlie, he is also black a white :3

Sorry about your loss Tom ;(


2017-11-23 09:50:41

Sorry for your loss, that's very sad. RIP.


2017-11-23 10:47:37

How come Alien Hominid on Gamecube didn't have Widescreen Support?


2017-11-23 11:12:28

Also, why no OG Xbox release?


2017-11-23 12:10:43

Damn man, sorry to hear! At least he's forever immortalized via photos and in Alien Hominid!


2017-11-23 19:18:59

Poor Charlie...Sorry for the loss tom...


2017-11-24 03:22:28

So when is Pico 2 being released?


2017-11-24 03:23:11

I know this feeling.
I'm sure you gave him a good life though.
Today is a good day to be thankful for that.


2017-11-24 06:43:31


Also that alien hominid speed run looks awesome.


2017-11-25 06:34:33

The way he plays that game it looks so easy! Fun watch.

Sorry to hear about Charlie though, didn't know there was more than the Sherbert. Stopped by his account recently too to pay some overdue respects... looks like the Charlie's one taken by a more humanoid form though. Hope he lived a long and good life; may he live on in memories forever!


2017-11-26 20:22:30



2017-12-01 20:15:22

RIP Charlie and Sherbert, may they be granted infinite warm monitors to lie on and immortalized forever in weird internet culture


2017-12-04 00:46:32

I'm sorry about your cat, but it would be really cool if you posted something about how important net neutrality is, right now!


2017-12-23 23:22:23

Much love to Charlie, man. He was somewhat a part of our lives, in a way. We always saw that cat on Norman, of course we didn't think much of it. But the millions and millions that have played Alien Hominid saw that cat which I am sure many gamers will remember him without even knowing.


2017-12-25 13:14:40

Merry Christmas to you and yours dude, hope I didn't spoil your news post :(

TomFulp responds:

lol no worries. Merry Christmas! :)


2017-12-30 20:29:31

we need Charlie mood icons, to commemorate the best cat


2018-01-12 21:24:39

I'm really sorry about your pet cat Charlie dood but what I like the most was dat your pet cat eyes are so dank and his color is jade. Which is actually rare though.


2018-02-10 23:01:36

speed running alien hominid is a cool idea. never thought of that before.

losing pets sucks, i like to imagine their ghosts follow us around and protect and help us because we loved them. maybe im gay as hell for saying that tho but idec !!!


2018-02-20 19:09:25

Sorry it's late but sorry to hear about Charlie.

He lucked out having you as an owner man, I bet he was well looked after!