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PAX Prime 2015

Posted by TomFulp - September 4th, 2015

I once made a habit of documenting all the events and at some point I felt like I was on repeat / overwhelmed and there were just too many events to cover. I'm gonna make an effort to change that and at least blog some pictures after events.

PAX Prime was this past weekend in Seattle and we had the biggest booth ever for the Behemoth; I couldn't even capture it in a single picture. This is just part of it:



To the left is the Pit People demo area and to the right is a wall of arcade cabinets with Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid, BattleBlock Theater and Back Off Barbarian, a new mini-game to be released with Castle Crashers Remastered.

There was some great cosplay, including this Pink Knight:


And this Red Knight:


We also saw some cool tattoos:



If feels pretty amazing when someone has your game tattooed on their body.

Stamper was letting people draw on him so I added this:


But then I felt bad so I changed it to a badass skull:


That night I was having dinner with Tommy Refenes and his family and everyone was laughing at a fart joke while I was busy on my phone. Tommy's wife noted how I was the only mature person at the table, so I flipped my phone around and explained to them that I was texting Mike a picture of the dick I drew on Stamper. I'm not sure if this story was worth sharing but I was amused. And I got to name drop Tommy because he's SUPER FAMOUS after Super Meat Boy / Indie Game the Movie!

The complete list of NG people at PAX included @Stamper@RicePirate@Funy-mony@Fungasm,@oryozema@MisterChris@PuffballsUnited@Tommunism@Glaiel-Gamer@BoMToons@Mike@jouste@BerzerkStudio, @TadakuniAmano@DjCUTMAN and @Xerus. It was great seeing everyone!

I also got to meet lots of cool game devs and play lots of exciting new games. The Indie Megabooth and the PAX 10 are always two of my favorite spots to check out.

My typical day at PAX:

1) Wake up @ 6AM, call April back home.

2) Run downstairs for an iced coffee (quicker to consume than hot), yogurt, banana and muffin.

3) Hotel Gym (did a good job this year, 4 of 6 mornings)

4) Shower

5) Wander PAX

6) Bloody Marys for lunch

7) Wander PAX

8) Blood Mary Booster

9) Signings from 4-6 (closing)

10) Moscow Mules and some sort of dinner.

11) Reasonable bedtime between 11pm-1am (trying to get better at not feeling pressure to stay out super late).

The best news is I've been back for a few days and apparently have not gotten sick. Also no hangovers. I'm starting to feel like an unstoppable convention machine but I probably just caught a lucky break.

Here's a picture of RicePirate surprising me during teardown:


That's all, folks!


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The cosplays are good. And of course, RicePirate's being RicePirate.

The size of that booth area is outta control. I have been to conventions smaller than your booth. hahaha

Our booth was the size of Capcom and Minecraft COMBINED.

Wow that booth looks amazing! Thanks for sharing these pics and stories. It's the only way I can vicariously experience the awesomeness :P

I wish we had a LIKE button or even just a view count so I could know more metrics beyond who replies to this post. It means a lot to know people enjoy the pics / stories because it can be hard to keep the motivation going time after time. Need more "people care" data points.

The expression on your face on the last pic is hilarious! :D


What would you recommend for a 1st time convention goer in general?

PAX is a good one.. Seattle and Boston at least, I haven't been to PAX South or Australia.

I also hear RTX (Rooster Teeth Expo) is fun, it's in Austin and you can drink beer on the floor so if that's your thing that would be a good time.

Are you guys ever gonna be in NYC?

We're long overdue for an NYC meetup. I gotta talk to @Luis about that one.

very jealous of ricepirate getting to rail you first ;'(

I'm ruined for all future men.

Oh being an Englishmen so far away! How were the reactions to Pit People?!

Reactions so far are great!

Well,I see some this was your first time getting laid tommy....

Agreed, that booth size is insane. Wish I could've dropped by.

That's awesome!

I got a cold. I've been taking it easy since I got home from Pax.
Also, you found time to go to the GYM!? Awesome! I thought walking around Pax would be enough exercise. You're goin the extra mile!

I've evolved to Convention Level 3.

Awesome! It's great that you're aiming on making more posts like this :3
Now, all you have left to do, is to make a big update to this page, hehhe...


Agreed! I actually updated some of my personal bio, just to catalog all the public appearances I've made over the past year. That kinda fits under NG history as well but seemed like it works under my personal story.

Will you be there

heh heh you know I won't Tom

I really wish I had seen that Pink Knight cosplay in person!

Pretty sure it was the best Castle Crashers cosplay I've seen yet! The gems in the shield and the lights in the lollipop were a nice touch.

Why is all cool stuff on the wrong continent? :(

What continent are you on?

Looked like a blast! Shame we don't ever get any gaming cons over here, there are two more general ones a year and they're very basic.

Cool! :D
I didn't even notice you updated it before you mentioned it.
But I've read the new parts now ;)

@TomFulp Europe

Are you more involved in Pit People this time around? It seemed like you sat out on BattleBlock Theatre's development.

I've been working on a different game for the past few years.

Good update! Would be nice to do a pop-up type of nyc meet where its like hey go here next weekend! The big formal types of meets are a chore and end up not being as fun I fimd and just being like people stuck in a bowling alley or something. I guess the shipping container place is seasonal and its shutting this weekend

Bummer about the shipping containers... Fall could still be a nice time though. And yeah the bowling alley never felt like the best use of a day in NYC.

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