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Pico Day 2016 Pics

Posted by TomFulp - May 17th, 2016

I keep procrastinating on a larger Pico Day post because it's hard to put it all into words. We're planning a photo archive in the history section of the Wiki but here are some pics now:

The crowd on floor 1, where we project NG animation on the wall.


Photo by Bill Z.

Here's a panoramic of floor 2:


@The-Swain and @Krinkels, taking a break from Madness: Project Nexus 2.


Photo by Bill Z.

I drew @Stamper on a balloon and @ZJ tweeted a picture so I'll include that too:


Just about every person at this event was someone you may be familiar with here on NG. It's kinda the craziest event in the world for someone who likes web animation in particular. I just feel super grateful that they all came to the NG office for a party.

@RealFaction made a video documenting his experience!

That's all for the moment, I'm off to announce the Pico Day winners!



Awesome! Thank for sharing! Good job RealFaction!

The Swaim and Krinkels looks like twins.

Best pico day ever; its such an inspiring and cool event.

I'm gonna be there next year.
Just to support people tho.
Even if my account here is banished by then.
I aint got the talent for anything Pico Day related.

See you then Tom.
You'll see that my photojournalism skills will be handy.

Thank you Tom! You've cultivated the greatest community on the web!

That pic of Matt and Swain looks like it was taken by a professional photographer.

Bill Z took some great pics!

@DeronMadness what if they ARE twins?

god damn my fucking gut!!!! DX

That's some hot crud Joe, Some hot crud indeed

10/10 Would pico again

swain looks like an ice cream vending bartender while krinkels looks more like a professional basketball playing wrestler. Just saying.
+ they look like twins but swain looks like a smart push over

Swain was on burger duty so he dressed the part well.

At least you could be there this time by watching the Stream I guess.

Only that I missed almost all of it.


I wanna be there next year. Just so I can arm-wrestle with Krinkels.

So many people! :O Great pictures, and a grand video @RealFaction, always nice to get a glimpse of everything outside of the livestream. This event just seems to keep getting more and more awesome each year.

Thanks Tom (and whatta b-day fest!). And just watching #RealFaction's appreciated video, I could imagine a few cool movie minis throughout the Pico Day 2016 party woot. Big thanks.

Whatever happened to that balloon? I think I let it go in the office. Heh.

It's still here, slowly shrinking.

Thanks for posting these, it looks like a good time for all of you and thanks RealFaction for the video! :D

Looks like it was a success, nice reunion! Tom I wanted to ask you, what software/programming language are you guys at The Behemoth using to develop Pit People?

Pit People is developed in C++ with the Behemoth's own in-house engine. Dan still does the art in Flash but it becomes sprite sheets.

That's fantastic! I know you guys haven't set an official date for launch, but have you planned on the Steam version if the game will be launched for Mac and Linux as well?

I guess I don't have any official word on that.

I was in the bathroom the whole time, but I did see some of Alfred.

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