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Castle Crashers Party

2012-01-19 14:43:56 by TomFulp

Just had to share this one... Read about this Castle Crashers-themed birthday party!

Also John Hodgman talked some about Video Falconry in this interview.

Castle Crashers Party

Castle Crashers Guitar Medley

2011-11-10 12:49:16 by TomFulp

I want to watch this every morning to get inspired.

Bill Plympton Tank Logo

2011-11-07 15:36:03 by TomFulp

Ever wonder what it would look like if Bill Plympton drew the tank logo? WONDER NO MORE. We funded his Winsor McCay Resurrection Project and got this in return:

Bill Plympton Tank Logo

Bitey Mask

2011-10-21 11:17:59 by TomFulp

We made the top pledge to Adam Phillips' Dashkin game on Kickstarter and were awarded with a Bitey mask! I didn't have the nerve to take off my shirt though.

Bitey Mask

YouTube Blues

2011-10-17 11:14:27 by TomFulp

So we uploaded Jazza's "Internet Pals" video to YouTube last week and it has already been blocked by an "Age Restriction" wall, which seems really odd because there is sooo much animated violence on YouTube with a lot more views that hasn't been blocked. One more reason why I feel like someone at YouTube is out to get us.

What really peeves me though is the page says, "This video or group may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as determined by the video uploader." If you click the link for more info, it explains, "This age restriction is imposed by the uploader and is not a result of flags from YouTube's user community." However I DID NOT impose this age restriction and don't have the ability to remove it.

Also they fucked up the colors in their thumbnail screen capture.

YouTube Blues

Unreal Engine to SWF

2011-10-04 15:30:00 by TomFulp

Unreal Engine 3 can run in Flash Player 11.

This stuff is moving too fast to keep up with!

Studying Newgrounds

2011-09-29 10:53:02 by TomFulp

I stumbled across this and thought it was pretty interesting... It's a scientific breakdown of groups and emerging genres on NG: read here.

The Castle Crashers Show

2011-07-11 16:25:04 by TomFulp

People have said they want to see a Castle Crashers TV show, so here ya go!


2011-06-03 12:15:07 by TomFulp

Treasure is a small company in Japan that makes amazing games. They've made some of my favorite games of all time, such as Gunstar Heroes, Guardian Heroes and Radiant Silvergun.

Treasure is also one of my biggest inspirations and I try to emulate their magic when I make games. I don't think I could ever make something as good as what they make but it's the goal I try to set for myself... Which makes this article really crazy: easure_inspired_by_castle_cr.php

They also have an XBLA version of Radian Silvergun coming to XBLA, which is especially awesome for everyone because the disc version for Saturn is super rare and expensive. RS is my favorite shooter of all time:

Amiga and Video Toaster

2011-04-11 15:26:22 by TomFulp

I had this on a VHS tape back in high school and I used to watch it like porn.