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President, CEO, Founder, etc.

2011-02-08 16:56:59 by TomFulp

I was recently asked for my official title and it brought up a long-running debate that runs through my head every time I'm asked to fill in my title on paperwork... WHAT is the LEAST DOUCHEY way to refer to yourself when you run a company?

1. CEO - Does this make it sound like I'm puffing the company up as something more than it is?

2. President - Does this make me sound like I'm equating myself with someone who runs a country?

3. Founder - Does this imply I no longer fill a role, I just happened to be there at the start?

4. Owner - Just seems a bit TOO informal, like it's a car.



2011-01-28 20:30:39 by TomFulp

UPDATE: Rice Pirate has made a preloader that sums up the experience Friday night of trying to match-make all the teams after having a clock that was an hour off and over 100 people in chat:

SWF (preview) 50edbe8cd2128f275090ac901ac3e3

FLA (in AS3) 00076af1eae021ff645783e0a8eb0d

If you don't like the visual you can pass on it, but it's there if you want some unity amongst the submissions. :)

The movie jam is now in progress! Sorry that the match-making live stream was total chaos and sorry this whole thing in general was kinda a mess.

The deadline is SUNDAY NIGHT at 7pm. When you submit your movie you can post a link in the discussion thread so everyone can find it.

The list of movie teams:

Team Room 24237/8 FredFlinstone Caveman

TEAM BMORE ROCK 24237/2 CaveStoryGrounds

TEAM CORE 24237/7
Phobotech Autospy-Dation

Team Lollercoaster

TEAM ROCKET 24237/5 Fro Babysitter

TEAM ggggggggggggggggg 24237/5 ForNoReason

Team Blue Waffle. 24237/6 CosmicDeath

Team Lunchbox
Fish Story

Monsieur-Monsieur Page 4 Suicide

NathanielMilburn's Story - Boyscoutt and Bird

Team Silent Corn
Tom's Dog Story

Team Peanut
The Teeth One

Team Sugar Water
Aigis Story

Team Wienerbarf 24237/10 PsychoGoldfish

Doodle or Die
Johnkirk's Story

Team Smirk Studios 24237/10 sirjeffshort

Elfman-Rox Team:
A guy in a top hat pulls out his umbrella and some lady grabs it and floats away and sucks some guys cock. while she's in the air

AverageRoadKill Team
PsychicPebble's AIDS story

Team ToeJam! 24237/11 - Krywk - 9mm story

Team LS 24237/9 - DaveB0rts story where the guy goes grocery shopping and shoots the winning basket



Up for grabs: 24237/7 elfman-rox Gameshow


2011-01-20 11:55:07 by TomFulp

There are a growing number of accounts that frequently submit games... I won't call them shitty games but they are cookie cutter games that appear to just keep rolling off an assembly line. The creators are either opportunists who employ third world labor, or developers who are swapping out some graphics and exerting minimal effort to submit as many games as possible.

Now, we've always been pretty lax about SPAM and we let you guys attempt to BLAM or PROTECT it... A lot of these games manage to make it through with reasonable scores in the 2.5-3.0 range and I guess some people are enjoying them. Many of them are somewhat decent, they just happen to be re-used over and over with new themes.

Do you think games like this should just continue to exist and pile up on NG? Or should we some day face a COOKIE CUTTER GAME APOCALYPSE where they all get mass-blammed?

I also am weary of the growing trend of games where you don't know who really made it. We don't allow you to submit a "stolen" game that someone else made, but we do let companies submit games that were produced by their staff, or developers they sponsored. Stuff like this likely won't be deleted, but as the amount of submissions on NG grows, I will continue to tighten the focus on games that were made by recognizable individuals. So keep that in mind when it comes to assigning credits.



2011-01-10 12:07:42 by TomFulp

If this is an official ad campaign, I APPROVE.

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2010-12-30 15:40:47 by TomFulp

We've waited years to be given the "Newgrounds" account name on YouTube but that might never happen, so I went ahead and uploaded this under our current account name.

UPDATE: We finally got the name on YouTube! I had to start over from scratch. New page:

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The Room Dubstep

2010-12-08 11:30:32 by TomFulp

The fun won't stop.

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2010-11-29 15:50:28 by TomFulp

I'm not sure how I get on the lists but I receive daily emails with news from the realm of social networking / social media, with reports on the latest happenings with Facebook, Twitter, etc. Today there was an article titled "Rules for Social Media Designers to Live By", and one rule in particular made me curious:

"Create a party, not a museum. Great social products are clean, simple, and fast. The successful ones have little design flare, so that the people, photos, videos, text, and comments are front and center. The more design you add from colors to treatments, non-web-fonts, and graphics, the less your social application will feel like a party and the more it will feel like a museum. Or a magazine. Neither are a great goal. You want your social product to feel like it is a living and breathing party, not expensive furniture you're not supposed to sit on."

First off, I have always considered Newgrounds to be a 24/7 party and I believe it is MORE of a party than other social sites, which are more like pockets of people along the walls vs the free-for-all "everybody knows your name" spirit of NG... or at least I try to know every ones' names... and I'm probably seeing it all through rose-colored glasses.

Regardless, the way this article says you have to get there is by having a site that is clean and simple, with little design flare. This plays up to an insecurity of ours, where we wonder if the aesthetic design of NG has a tendency to overpower the content and make NG less welcoming for contributors and visitors.

Our upcoming redesign is the most visually impressive NG layout yet and I like to think it will prove people like this wrong... but I am curious... WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? Does our graphically robust layout make the site less welcoming? I'm especially curious to hear the thoughts from anyone passing through who doesn't consider themselves a die-hard NG fan.

Things That Make Me Sad No. 1

2010-11-15 09:59:57 by TomFulp

When we give you a spot on our FRONT PAGE to promote your work and activity, and you only use it to link to your page on another site.

Banned from Stickam

2010-11-10 13:55:47 by TomFulp

I just got banned from the NG Stickam room for 1 hour. :(

Update: I think my account was completely de-activated. Bye stickam. :(

Twin Shadow

2010-10-26 13:39:18 by TomFulp

Some songs really help me zone out when I'm programming and Castles in the Snow by Twin Shadow has been stuck in my head this week. That link goes to a different version than the official album release, although I can't find a credit for where it came from. The intro has that Sega Master System vibe that I love, sorta like "Vanished" by Crystal Castles.