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Progress Report

2010-10-21 16:49:25 by TomFulp

JohnnyUtah and I are working on a new game for you to enjoy some day.

Progress Report


2010-09-27 16:02:59 by TomFulp

I was fighting off something the entire week I was in Japan, was lucky enough to make it through Madness Day (anyone watching the webcast may remember the deafening cough), but crashed HARD the next day... For the past four days I wasn't even able to sit up and open a laptop. The worst part is, I've been sleeping during the day so I'm still on Tokyo Time now. Anyway my backlog is extra bad so just a heads up... I'm hoping to catch up on PMs by the end of the week.

Also the Madness Day winners probably won't be announced until next week. I would like to organize some Audio regs, Art Regs and Writing Forum regs to help judge those categories - if you consider yourself "known" in one of those areas and are interested in giving feedback you can bone up on the entries and PM me with your opinions to help along the process of narrowing things down! I'll be trying to do some invites once my head clears up.

The Room Press Update

2010-09-10 10:06:23 by TomFulp

More press on The Room Tribute game:

The Escapist
Infinite Lives
Game Culture
Geeks of Doom

Madness Day 2010 Preview

2010-09-09 16:25:11 by TomFulp

It's not as expansive as last year but this year's Madness Day game is shaping up to be pretty fun nonetheless! Here's a tiny picture.

Madness Day 2010 Preview

New Game

2010-09-02 22:54:29 by TomFulp

JohnnyUtah and I are launching a big game either tonight or tomorrow morning... FINGERS CROSSED.

Embed Test

2010-08-06 13:23:07 by TomFulp

Testing something.

Comic-Con Crap-Up

2010-07-29 01:20:15 by TomFulp

Once again I've returned from a convention with some exotic bug, this time another stomach bug that made my Monday flight a living nightmare and stole Tuesday. Today was better but I'm still getting caught up... Will try to post something more comprehensive tomorrow.

Thank you everyone who came by to say hi at Comic-Con! The highlight of my trip was probably hanging out with Adam Phillips throughout the week and having good talks with everyone. Excited for where NG is going and I hope everyone in NG-land is patient enough for us to get there. I'm gonna go try to sleep now if my stomach lets me.

Hey Guys

2010-07-19 15:36:29 by TomFulp


Hey Guys

Insane Clown Posse

2010-06-21 17:45:19 by TomFulp

I regret that all my old Assassin games got wiped off the server when the 2007 redesign launched. They are too shitty to post as new submissions but here is one that I popped on Dumping Grounds to show W-P-S after he tormented some Juggalos.

Celebrity Cookout with Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse

Nuke baby nuke?

2010-05-30 08:38:46 by TomFulp

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