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Nightmare Cops Screenshots

2017-07-17 15:43:50 by TomFulp

Tomorrow I'll be flying out to San Diego for Comic-Con, where you'll be able to find Nightmare Cops and myself at the Behemoth booth (#229) as part of the Friends of the Behemoth showcase.

This Nightmare Cops demo is the result of years of work, with a big push this month to have a demo build for Comic-Con. I'm the programmer, with @JohnnyUtah and @Spazkid on art and @Oney on music. Nightmare Cops will be an official Newgrounds release.

Guest voices in the demo include @RicePirate, @JazLyte, @RomeoJr and @L0LitsMonica! There's a ton of dialog in this game and it's all lip-synced using Talk Head. We made Talk Head in 2012 for this purpose, that is how crazy this project is.

So yeah, you're cops who fight people's nightmares! It's got a whole fully realized world with tons of people who have different perceptions of each other but more importantly you beat the crap out of lots of bad guys and can drive all over town smashing stuff. Pretty much everything in the overworld is breakable for no reason other than we know people will want ot break it.

Here are some teaser screenshots!







Nightmare Cops at Comic-Con!

2017-06-20 16:41:06 by TomFulp

Heads up, I'll be at San Diego Comic-Con next month, showing Nightmare Cops at the Behemoth booth (Booth 229).

Nightmare Cops is the game I've been working on for the past five years with @JohnnyUtah and @Spazkid, along with @Oney on music. It's gonna be a Newgrounds release for console / Steam... SOME DAY! It's by far the biggest project any of us have ever undertaken but it will be worth it.


We've been pretty quiet about it because people seem to get exhausted with games that hype too soon and then have a many-year dev cycle. It's a delicate balance between wanting publicity but wanting to feel FRESH when we launch. Comic-Con is the first time anyone outside of the Newgrounds office will be taking NC for a spin.

Comic-Con is Thursday, July 20th thru Sunday, July 23rd!

PewDiePie plays The Room Game

2017-03-11 11:43:48 by TomFulp

So PewDiePie just released a one hour video where he plays our game about The Room.


I made this game in 2010 with @JohnnyUtah and @Oney. I love that people are still enjoying it.

If you haven't already, check out The Room.

I also recommend reading The Disaster Artist, about the making of The Room.

There's also a documentary, Room Full of Spoons! They interviewed me about the game.

James Franco is making a feature film adaptation of The Disaster Artist, so more fun is up ahead.

Some Music I Listen To

2017-01-27 10:47:35 by TomFulp

Here is some music I listen to while I'm programming, if I'm not listening to the Audio Portal.

I found Hussle Club via this Com Truise remix which is the one I actually listen to more:

I wish all these guys hung out on NG, I want to be friends with all of them.


What are you up to?

2016-12-07 13:09:06 by TomFulp

I need to blog more often but I like keeping this game secret and I don't feel too interesting beyond that. What are YOU up to? What do you hope to get done before 2017?

Pico Day 2016 Pics

2016-05-17 16:15:21 by TomFulp

I keep procrastinating on a larger Pico Day post because it's hard to put it all into words. We're planning a photo archive in the history section of the Wiki but here are some pics now:

Here's the crowd on floor 1 watching @Emily-Youcis preview her upcoming Alfred animation:


Photo by Bill Z.

Here's a panoramic of floor 2:


@The-Swain and @Krinkels, taking a break from Madness: Project Nexus 2.


Photo by Bill Z.

@AlmightyHans, @Emily-Youcis, @HappyHarry and me, doing the Bedn.


I drew @Stamper on a balloon and @ZJ tweeted a picture so I'll include that too:


Just about every person at this event was someone you may be familiar with here on NG. It's kinda the craziest event in the world for someone who likes web animation in particular. I just feel super grateful that they all came to the NG office for a party.

@RealFaction made a video documenting his experience!

That's all for the moment, I'm off to announce the Pico Day winners!

Game Progress

2016-02-05 17:29:48 by TomFulp

For the past three years I've been working on a console / PC game with @JohnnyUtah. @Spazkid came onboard too and @Oney has been doing music. Expect a ton of familiar NG voice talents when all is said and done.

We've been pretty silent about it because it's a big project and if we show too much too soon, it might feel like an old game by the time it actually comes out. I posted this Vine of it though so I thought I should share it! Turn up your volume because it's quiet (also click the speaker in the bottom right corner to enable Vine audio).

UPDATE: Vine shut down so the Vine content I had posted here is now gone.

At some point we'll do a more official reveal and stop being all secretive. It's gonna be a really neat game. Right now we're getting the other playable characters working so people can try them at Pico Day this May.

PAX Prime 2015

2015-09-04 12:44:23 by TomFulp

I once made a habit of documenting all the events and at some point I felt like I was on repeat / overwhelmed and there were just too many events to cover. I'm gonna make an effort to change that and at least blog some pictures after events.

PAX Prime was this past weekend in Seattle and we had the biggest booth ever for the Behemoth; I couldn't even capture it in a single picture. This is just part of it:



To the left is the Pit People demo area and to the right is a wall of arcade cabinets with Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid, BattleBlock Theater and Back Off Barbarian, a new mini-game to be released with Castle Crashers Remastered.

There was some great cosplay, including this Pink Knight:


And this Red Knight:


We also saw some cool tattoos:



If feels pretty amazing when someone has your game tattooed on their body.

Stamper was letting people draw on him so I added this:


But then I felt bad so I changed it to a badass skull:


That night I was having dinner with Tommy Refenes and his family and everyone was laughing at a fart joke while I was busy on my phone. Tommy's wife noted how I was the only mature person at the table, so I flipped my phone around and explained to them that I was texting Mike a picture of the dick I drew on Stamper. I'm not sure if this story was worth sharing but I was amused. And I got to name drop Tommy because he's SUPER FAMOUS after Super Meat Boy / Indie Game the Movie!

The complete list of NG people at PAX included @Stamper@RicePirate@Funy-mony@Fungasm,@oryozema@MisterChris@PuffballsUnited@Tommunism@Glaiel-Gamer@BoMToons@Mike@jouste@BerzerkStudio, @TadakuniAmano@DjCUTMAN and @Xerus. It was great seeing everyone!

I also got to meet lots of cool game devs and play lots of exciting new games. The Indie Megabooth and the PAX 10 are always two of my favorite spots to check out.

My typical day at PAX:

1) Wake up @ 6AM, call April back home.

2) Run downstairs for an iced coffee (quicker to consume than hot), yogurt, banana and muffin.

3) Hotel Gym (did a good job this year, 4 of 6 mornings)

4) Shower

5) Wander PAX

6) Bloody Marys for lunch

7) Wander PAX

8) Blood Mary Booster

9) Signings from 4-6 (closing)

10) Moscow Mules and some sort of dinner.

11) Reasonable bedtime between 11pm-1am (trying to get better at not feeling pressure to stay out super late).

The best news is I've been back for a few days and apparently have not gotten sick. Also no hangovers. I'm starting to feel like an unstoppable convention machine but I probably just caught a lucky break.

Here's a picture of RicePirate surprising me during teardown:


That's all, folks!

Madness Meeting

2015-05-28 14:44:05 by TomFulp


@The-Swain, @Krinkels and @MindChamber (from right to left) came by the office yesterday to discuss Madness: Project Next 2 and demo the latest build. This picture was meant to be a candid shot but Swain caught me when I flipped on extra lights.

Project Nexus 2 looks AMAZING! To make this game, Swain has become a master of Unity3D and Krinkels has turned into a 3D modeler / Blender pro. They both stepped waaaay out of their comfort zones and the results are paying off big. They've earned whatever success is coming their way!

Be sure to play the original web / Flash version of Madness: Project Nexus on NG!

Also this post feels like a total PR BS fluff piece but I wanted to give them a shout. People tend to forget you exist when you're working for years on a big project. Witness!

Some Life Thoughts

2015-04-30 16:22:40 by TomFulp

So today is my birthday and I've never had my Twitter and Facebook feeds blow up this much before! This past week has been so full of emotion, I keep intending to write something meaningful but I'm also still recovering and gathering my thoughts.

Pico Day ended up being one huge party that raged from Friday through Monday... The Friday Pre-co day was bigger than a lot of the original Pico Days and there were still like 30 people at the office when I left late Sunday night.

The weeks leading up to Pico Day were really stressful because beyond the usual stress of hoping everyone has fun, I also had a PA Unemployment Compensation Audit scheduled for Tuesday. I wasn't expecting anything BAD to result from the audit but I've also learned to be very afraid of what I don't know, so having had both State and Federal audits in the past, I kinda suffer from PTSD. Until this month I didn't even know there was a separate audit for the state unemployment department.

So basically our conference room went from this:


To this:


It's kinda cool though because it really demonstrates the two extremes of my life with Newgrounds.

These past few years have been rough ones, with so many tectonic shifts in technology and business. We've been working hard to navigate the waters and keep improving the site despite having to slim down every aspect of the business. While we don't always get there as fast as we like, I've been feeling very optimistic about the future of NG and this past week was definitely a sign that something is rumbling under the surface around here.

At one point this weekend, @Ricepirate pulled me in, surveyed the crowd and said, "So what are you going to do with all this?" On one hand, maybe it has already been done - just bringing all these amazing people together has been the great achievement. I don't want to regret squandering the momentum, though... It DOES feel like there is something big to come out of all this. One part of NG is the tech we develop but the MUCH BIGGER part is the PEOPLE. Without the people, all the best tech in the world is worthless. Lots of websites have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to find that out. I'm hoping I've lived through enough to have internalized that lesson forever! 

The greatest gift of coming back from a big loss is the sense of gratitute for what you have. Right now I'm brimming with gratitude for all the people who have stuck with NG over the years, all the people who have come back after being away and all the new people who are discovering it for the first time. I'm grateful for everyone who made it out to Pico Day and all the people who wanted to be there. I'm grateful for all the well-wishes I've been getting today throughout all these sites.

It's been a really special week and I'm gonna remember it forever and keep reminding myself that I don't have to be sad and anxious so much. There is so much to be grateful for and so much that can still be achieved! Failure shouldn't be a reason to push people away or exile yourself. It's not a reason to punish yourself. Failing is a lesson and it is temporary. You can live in it for a while, you can repeat it over and over, but you shouldn't allow it to define who you are. Never stop fighting for a better, brighter world!

Thanks again everyone, for everything!