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If you play WarFrame, Marvel Heroes or D&D: Neverwinter

2013-12-31 11:28:39 by TomFulp

If you play WarFrame, Marvel Heroes or D&D: Neverwinter, I have a promo code for $75 In-Game Credit that came with my new video card.

Reply to this blog and let me know which one you play. I'll randomly pick one of you and PM you the redemption info! I'll update this post to let everyone know when it's too late to enter.

Working on an end of year post right now so expect that up on FP today too!

UPDATE: Was tempting to give people more time but decided to just call it. I was feelin' the posts by Cairos and CooliSushi the most, so I flipped a coin between them - heads was CooliSushi and tails was Cairos. It flipped heads, so CooliSushi scored the promo code!

Then I felt bad so I gave Cairos $25 store credit so he can browse NG without ads if he wants to snag a supporter badge. Also sorry to the rest of you who got nothing but thanks for playing!

New Blog System

2013-12-03 09:33:52 by TomFulp

I'm making this post with our new rich text editor for blogs! You guys don't have access to this YET but should in a few minutes. UPDATE: You can now do this too!

I'll make a fancier post later but for now, here is Jazza's monthly challenge for December:

You can do multiple embeds and multiple images now! I'm really excited to start dev blogging the game I'm working on with JohnnyUtah but we haven't officially announced it yet.

Internal Docs

2013-11-05 17:08:00 by TomFulp

If you've ever been curious what our internal documentation looks like, here's some courtesy PsychoGoldfish.

The sharewith class is used to manage what activities a user will auto-share with other users. Users can choose to share certain types of events with everyone, or limit it to users on their friends list, or straight up don’t share so nobody knows they are jacking off to Shadman art all day.

The suitability class is used as a global content filter. It will be used to mark what content ratings you will allow to be shared in your activity feed. This way you can do stuff like share your voting habits and medal unlocks without people seeing the shameful furry porn you gave a 5 or the dress up game you got 10 medals on within 3 minutes.

Car Crash

2013-10-17 14:43:56 by TomFulp

Just leaving this here because it brightened my afternoon.

Car Crash

Pee Man Let's Play

2013-10-16 09:43:59 by TomFulp

Pee Man has his own Let's Play video!

Terrorism Insurance

2013-10-03 18:44:51 by TomFulp

So our workers' compensation insurance policy renewal arrived today. Workers' compensation insurance is required for businesses, btw.

It included a notice to policy owners about the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, so I decided to read it.

Insurance companies are required by the government to include terrorism insurance as part of the workers' comp policy we are required to buy. Terrorism Insurance adds $188 to the annual cost.

For the insurance company to pay, there needs to be a "certified act of terrorism", which must be certified by the Secretary of the Treasury in concurrence with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General of the United States, based on a number of criteria including aggregate expenses in excess of $5 million dollars.

If someone blew up the Newgrounds office, this insurance does not cover the damage to our building - that would be covered by the terrorism clause of our property insurance.

However, if someone in the office lost their arms in the explosion and could no longer do their job, that would potentially be covered by this insurance.

Unfortunately, if someone blew up the Newgrounds office, it would not cause damage in excess of $5 million dollars, so the Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of State and the Attorney General might not certify it as an act of terrorism, in which case our workers' compensation policy would not apply.

However, if we went to a convention and someone blew up the convention center and one of us lost our arms, this policy would likely cover that.

Just thought I'd share.

Solving Game Design Problems

2013-10-03 14:47:47 by TomFulp

While making games, I come across all sorts of interesting problems that don't have clear answers. Sometimes these problems have been figured out by other people on-line but I don't search for that sort of thing unless I'm looking for a specific math equation, in which case I usually just ask Mike.

When I finally come to a solution for these problems, or a "good enough" fix, I get tempted to post about what I did online, because it might be an interesting read... But then I imagine someone replying, "Why didn't you just do X, Y ,Z; that's what all the other game developers do." I have this fear that my problem is totally pedestrian and all the other game developers will be laughing at my stupidity because I spent hours solving something the wrong way.

The reality is there probably isn't one true "right" way and a lot of people might benefit from seeing the process I went through to get from A to B... But then I still have that fear that if people actually turn to me for advice, they'll actually be learning the wrong way to do something.

The fear of looking stupid or teaching other people to be stupid is the big thing that holds me back from sharing more about my game development process. I'm not a math or programming genius and I feel like most of my results come from the sheer determination to make something. And that's probably how most games get made, although I still think they have better code and better math.

The problem I've been working on this week is multiplayer camera with free roaming platforming. It becomes clear why games like 4 player Mario and Guacamelee use "bubbles" to float lost players back into the action. I've been trying to avoid that, although I'll likely have some sort of "teleporting" as a last resort. Still, I really liked the bubbles in Guacamelee because I could play with my son and he could keep up with me in bubble form when things got hairy. That alone makes me see how bubbles are a "right" way to do it, because they let you maintain momentum with a dominant player, in addition to solving other quirks.

Beyond that, I've been trying to have a really nice camera system based on "camera zones." Right now it's all actually working really well, until it doesn't. I'm in awe of how most 2D console games don't have noticeable camera flaws... I feel like I'm overcomplicating things.

I'd like to show the game but JohnnyUtah and I are keeping it under wraps so we can have a big reveal when the time comes. It's our biggest team-up ever!

In San Diego for Comic-Con

2013-07-15 21:31:27 by TomFulp

If I never get the Robot Day or Game Jam 9 winners up this week, it's because I'm in San Diego for Comic-Con! I sorta forgot about that last week.

If you're at Comic-Con be sure to come by the Behemoth booth and say hi! They moved all the video games to Section A so we're at the opposite end of the hall this year. We have an entire island though so you should be able to find us!

Reddit Traffic

2013-06-25 08:50:59 by TomFulp

Truckers Delight made it to the front page of reddit over the weekend and our Google Analytics tracked 111,990 referrals from Not bad considering Truckers Delight already had a run on Vimeo and YouTube back before we accepted video uploads! It even had a run on reddit back then too.

The expanded publicity ultimately gave Truckers Delight 184,683 views on Saturday. THIS is why it's good to have other sites talking about the stuff on NG.

If you have a reddit account, be sure to subscribe to /r/newgrounds! We're about to hit 500 subs after making a push this past week to spruce up the page.

Reddit Traffic

Door Stuck

2013-06-13 13:44:17 by TomFulp

Stuff MindChamber shared with me today: