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Hi there! In case you didn't know, I created newgrounds. No, it wasn't made by some giant company - just some dumb kid. I also co-founded the Behemoth; we made Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. Icon by JohnnyUtah, banner by Pegosho.

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TomFulp's News

Posted by TomFulp - October 3rd, 2013

While making games, I come across all sorts of interesting problems that don't have clear answers. Sometimes these problems have been figured out by other people on-line but I don't search for that sort of thing unless I'm looking for a specific math equation, in which case I usually just ask Mike.

When I finally come to a solution for these problems, or a "good enough" fix, I get tempted to post about what I did online, because it might be an interesting read... But then I imagine someone replying, "Why didn't you just do X, Y ,Z; that's what all the other game developers do." I have this fear that my problem is totally pedestrian and all the other game developers will be laughing at my stupidity because I spent hours solving something the wrong way.

The reality is there probably isn't one true "right" way and a lot of people might benefit from seeing the process I went through to get from A to B... But then I still have that fear that if people actually turn to me for advice, they'll actually be learning the wrong way to do something.

The fear of looking stupid or teaching other people to be stupid is the big thing that holds me back from sharing more about my game development process. I'm not a math or programming genius and I feel like most of my results come from the sheer determination to make something. And that's probably how most games get made, although I still think they have better code and better math.

The problem I've been working on this week is multiplayer camera with free roaming platforming. It becomes clear why games like 4 player Mario and Guacamelee use "bubbles" to float lost players back into the action. I've been trying to avoid that, although I'll likely have some sort of "teleporting" as a last resort. Still, I really liked the bubbles in Guacamelee because I could play with my son and he could keep up with me in bubble form when things got hairy. That alone makes me see how bubbles are a "right" way to do it, because they let you maintain momentum with a dominant player, in addition to solving other quirks.

Beyond that, I've been trying to have a really nice camera system based on "camera zones." Right now it's all actually working really well, until it doesn't. I'm in awe of how most 2D console games don't have noticeable camera flaws... I feel like I'm overcomplicating things.

I'd like to show the game but JohnnyUtah and I are keeping it under wraps so we can have a big reveal when the time comes. It's our biggest team-up ever!

Posted by TomFulp - July 15th, 2013

If I never get the Robot Day or Game Jam 9 winners up this week, it's because I'm in San Diego for Comic-Con! I sorta forgot about that last week.

If you're at Comic-Con be sure to come by the Behemoth booth and say hi! They moved all the video games to Section A so we're at the opposite end of the hall this year. We have an entire island though so you should be able to find us!

Posted by TomFulp - June 25th, 2013

Truckers Delight made it to the front page of reddit over the weekend and our Google Analytics tracked 111,990 referrals from reddit.com. Not bad considering Truckers Delight already had a run on Vimeo and YouTube back before we accepted video uploads! It even had a run on reddit back then too.

The expanded publicity ultimately gave Truckers Delight 184,683 views on Saturday. THIS is why it's good to have other sites talking about the stuff on NG.

If you have a reddit account, be sure to subscribe to /r/newgrounds! We're about to hit 500 subs after making a push this past week to spruce up the page.

Reddit Traffic

Posted by TomFulp - June 13th, 2013

Stuff MindChamber shared with me today:

Posted by TomFulp - May 16th, 2013

Just thought I'd give everyone an update, albeit a nondescript one. Beyond the day-to-day Newgrounds operations, I've been working with JohnnyUtah on a new console game. We've actually been at it for over a year now, although it has gone through a lot of changes and revisions during that time (plus we squeezed Cathode Raybots in there). Things are finally getting nailed down so I'm feeling hopeful. We're gonna wait until it is further along before we officially announce what it is and get the whole hype engine started. For now, I just wanted to keep you in the loop in case you're curious! It should be pretty damn cool if doesn't blow up in our faces.

Posted by TomFulp - January 31st, 2013

When Cathode Raybots launches, it will be the first game to showcase NG Passport! There will be a notice on the loading screen asking people to sign in, as well as notices in-game at locations where people could save data to NG. We're hoping it will make more people around the web make use of the API features and hopefully get interested in NG!

I'm also making this post to test another feature that I'll announce with a front page post, if everything is working. Reply and say hi!

NG Passport

Posted by TomFulp - December 21st, 2012

It hurts to say this but it's also a bit of a relief because it's not too late to enjoy Christmas: JohnnyUtah and I have decided to postpone Cathode Raybots.

The plan had been to launch on Christmas Day and that worked as a carrot to get us 99% of the way this past month. As it stands we could probably release it on Christmas day but it wouldn't be as polished as we would like it to be. Taking some extra time will allow us to flesh out the campaign mode and menus (this game is interface hell).

ALSO it just so happens that PsychoGoldfish is working on the "NG Passport" bridge that will allow people on other websites to log in and save scores, earn medals or share content via our API. We decided things will align well and Raybots could launch with Passport integration, so people around the web can enjoy it - and hopefully sign up and check out NG.

Instead of wrapping up 2012 with a bang, we'll kick off 2013 off with a boom!

Expect some more feature updates before the year ends and hopefully there will be a turnout for the GiftJam on Christmas Day (I really should have promoted that more). This would have been a front page post but I didn't want to bump Jim's announcement of playlists!

I put together the available Castle Crashers Soundtrack, so you can relive the game in your head.

Posted by TomFulp - December 10th, 2012

It felt TOO SOON to bump Goldfish off the top front page news spot, so for now hopefully people will see this!

Go vote for Abobo's Big Adventure as game of the year on Destructoid!

Haven't played it? go play it.

Then Go vote!

Posted by TomFulp - November 15th, 2012

Earlier this year we experimented with advertising on Facebook, to see what impact it had on our NG Facebook page. When it came time to classify the expense types from our credit card purchases, I was particularly annoyed at HOW MANY Facebook entries I had to fill in, because they charged our card every fourth day. It made me wonder if Zuckerberg ever had to do his own bookkeeping; he started Facebook in February 2004 but already had investors and an office a few months later. I can't help feeling like I've just made too many mistakes that I'm stuck here doing manual data entry.

The real joke is that we paid Facebook to boost followers of our Facebook page (don't think it helped much), but now we have to pay them if we want more than a handful of those followers to receive our updates. Only 6,500 people saw our announcement about the new Emote stickers, despite 141k followers, mostly NG users who we pushed over to Facebook.

I really hate the Internet sometimes. Most times.

But things are exciting in NG land! Be sure to play Soulcaster if you haven't yet! It was originally developed for XNA but was ported to HTML5, pretty exciting stuff.

Itemizing your Deductions

Posted by TomFulp - November 5th, 2012

This is why I need to follow our analytics more closely - I was checking our Google Analytics data for referrals from third party sites and realized Stumbleupon was no longer in the top 10 summary. This was strange because Stumbleupon used to be our top referrer!

At first I chalked it up to the changing fads of the web; maybe everyone moved on to Pinterest and Tumblr and whatevr. But then I isolated the Stumbleupon graph and did a long-term view. Last October Stumbleupon was sending us 80,000 visitors PER DAY. Then in mid-may 2012, they simply shut it down... Less than 1,000 referrals per day.

This is really chilling, that was a considerable amount of our traffic! Also those daily visitors could have become repeat visitors, long-term fans, could pass links to friends, etc. This change had a real impact on NG and I never noticed it.

I couldn't find an email for stumbleupon so I've just Tweeted them so far. I read some stuff about how they blacklist sites that abuse their system but we've NEVER abused their system or tried doing ANYTHING to improve our results there.

So it's like WOW, it sure would be nice to get that traffic back! If anyone knows anyone at Stumbleupon, please ask them what's up. Hopefully this post can get their attention and they'll look into the matter. If anyone has any further info on their policies, let me know! Maybe too many people were stumbling on the wrong kind of submissions.

UPDATE: Some bad ads had come through our ad company for a few days in May and in that moment someone reported it to Stumbleupon and we were indeed blacklisted. They are reviewing the site now and we may soon return to Stumbleupon! Damn I wish I had noticed this sooner.

UPDATE 2: We are now back on Stumbleupon! Hopefully that graph will pop back up.

Stumbleupon (or not, in our case)